Marimba Clusters

Marimba Clusters are processed marimba pads, witch additional controls for Attack, Release, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and additional FX.......

The story

One holiday weekend, my band director brother and I brought some microphones, an interface, and a bunch of guitar pedals to his school. Over the next 12-14 hours we played octave clusters on a marimba, vibraphone, and piano. The microphones went through Meris 440 preamps, which allowed us to patch in various stereo guitar effects and capture wonderful textures. After lots of additional processing in the box with various delay & reverb plugins, we ended up with lots of wonderful granular pads. Marimba Clusters are all the processed marimba pads, with additional controls for Attack, Release, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and additional processing through tape saturation/delay, Analog Delay, Hall Reverb, and Diffusion Delay. Select the various original processed samples from the dropdown or select random to have Kontakt cycle each sample randomly with each keystroke. Have fun!


Reviews for Marimba Clusters

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  • Instant Ambience

    Love how much variation you can get out of this one. Instantly usable. Great for ambience and texture. Well done!

    makeupandvanityset19 December 2021
  • Marimba for grown ups. 5 stars.

    I swear someone it just going to use this throughout an entire TV drama. Not much to add to what everyone else has said. It's clever, well programmed, love the dropdown box rather than having to double click different presets, the GUI FX are great, especially the tape. My favourites are "reverse slices" and "dirty filter". Get in quick before someone else rinses it..

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • An incredible ambience tool

    I caught myself having way too much fun with this one. It's about heavily processed marimba samples, split in 7 different versions, plus a bonus randomized one, which I am personally in love with. Every different version is unique, and they all share the same settings and effects. Everything sounds very good, it's responsive, and has lots and lots of character that will definitely inspire you in many ways, and to top it all, it also looks amazing as well. That's an easy recommendation!

    Alex Raptakis19 December 2021
  • A marimba that stands out

    If you have any DAW, you have marimba sounds. Maybe you even bought an orchestral library or five that included marimba. If you're really nuts, maybe you even bought a mallet library or even a dedicated marimba library. The problem is that after a while, you reach the point where you have enough marimba sounds. The only way you're going to get something better is to actually buy a marimba. It is because of all of this that it has become really really tough to release a sample library with marimba sounds that have something to offer that most of us don't already have. Enter Marimba Clusters. What you won't find here is any plain old marimba sounds. No striking, no rolls, no tapping, no bowing. Just marimba sounds that have been effected to the point where you might not guess that a marimba was actually the source material for this library. There are seven sounds, plus a bonus random one that randomly picks from amongst the first seven. Is it fun? Yes. Is it inspiring? Absolutely. Does it actually offer something new and different in the world of marimba sample libraries? Resounding YES.

    Sam Ecoff21 December 2021
  • Ethereal and ambient loveliness

    There is an ethereal, ambient feel to this one. The way the marimba decays into the reverb "out of the box" offers instant motion and is quite lovely. Then the effects controls let you adjust how this sounds. I'm pleased to be able to add this marimba pad, the likes of which I didn't know I was missing, to my toolbox.

    Giles M11 April 2022
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