Long Piano

A soft-sounding reverberant piano processed through effects...

The story

Basically, I started learning about music production in the lockdown period. After hours of experimenting, I got myself a sampled instrument with real samples but with processed effects. It’s called Long Piano ’cause it has a long reverb tail. The Piano is soft-sounding. I drew inspiration from Christian Henson’s Felt Piano to create an effects rack that made the piano sound mellow and soft.


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  • Simple and warm sound piano

    Beautifully toned piano!! I like this kind of mellow textured sound.

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Nice piano, okay processing

    The piano itself is quite nice, and the processing is overall well done - however I am not always a fan of the reverb tails and some of the effects on it, but overall a great effort that I can see myself using in the future !

    Nolram17 October 2021