lofi Audio – C-90ir

A range of vocal samples processed through an old cassette deck...

The story

The studio I rent used to be a school.
It then became a metal workshop creating parts for the aviation industry.
In the late 90-ties parts of the workshop was re-worked into a recording studio, in the 00-ties the main area became a TV-studio and in 2019 part of the top floor is my studio.

The ”C90-ir”-instrument uses parts of the building’s past to breath new life into my recorded voice.
Oh yes, this is my voice transformed or should I say grittyfied, grainyfied and made metallic.

I recorded my voice onto an old cassette deck and sent those recordings to my phone. I then used a Vibe-Tribe speaker to vibrate those recordings on different objects.

A pair of Neumann KM84 was used to capture those vibrating moments.

There are four different singers or timbers to choose from:
Tape – the original tape recording with lots of reverb added.
Shelf – a large metal shelf with various objects and spiderweb.
Plate – a nice sounding plate I found.
Drum – a vintage and somewhat destroyed bass drum.

Use the mixer to blend the voices to your liking.
The Tape icon acts like an octave button, deactivate for a smaller sound.
The Drum icon toggles a pre-fader send that let some dust come through even if the modulation wheel and the individual voices are all the way down.

Here’s a video that tries to capture the spirit of the recording session:

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Happy composing!

-Anders Wall



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  • There's just something about Cassette Tapes.

    A clever GUI pulls this library's layered sound together. The low pass assigned to the MW is a really nice touch. The tape sound itself has plenty of character and gives this choir a wonderful sound. In my opinion It is deserving of an ADSR section on the GUI. Great job!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Deep and warm textured drone / choir

    Very nice! Easy to play and I like this warm textured choir library. Low range gives an deep and warm drone texture.

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • Lo-fi Choral Beauty

    Very useable lo-fi choral sound that's quite transcendent. I'd love to hear a cleaner less distorted version but it's a beautiful sound none the less

    Jim Sanger16 October 2021
  • Lofi Bliss

    A great pad that works as a synth, disembodied vocals, or sound design! I love all the blend options because you really can get some drastically different sounds with just a few parameter changes! My one wish would be for at least an Attack option to really send it more to padtown but I love love love the character!

    sirfache16 October 2021
  • Lots of character on this one

    This is a great little instrument that offers a great ambience with cool settings to play around and find your own ambient voice. The GUI is great but for such instruments I personally kinda need ADSR settings for making it work for me, and this doesn't include any. More specifically I feel that the release needs to be controlled a little in order to be able to adjust in various situations. I like the filter addition in the modwheel though. Overall it's very good and I highly recommend it!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Choral inspiration!

    Really inspiring and wonderful vocal pads, coupled with an intuitive and instantly usable GUI. Love that MIDI cc's are preassigned. Yes, this is noisy, but I think that's sort of the point of the character the creator was going for. This is a great sample pack!

    Sam Ecoff15 October 2021
  • NICE!

    Really enjoyed playing these

    Caift15 October 2021
  • Gotta love me some lofi

    Very unique sound with some really cool vibes.

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021
  • So soothing it makes me want to lie down on the floor and sleep for a while

    Inspiring and easy to use. It also sounds wonderful. Mycket bra jobbat! :

    andersbrandin12 October 2021
  • Clever!

    Very useful texture.

    John Hancock12 October 2021
  • Love This

    This is really wonderful. Well done! Version 2 perhaps to include control over ADSR :

    Autaken12 October 2021
  • Very playable, with some pretty stunning results

    Lots of good stuff in here. The tape noise/effects are a little heavy in areas, but thats the point I think here. Very Boards of Canada type drones too. Great stuff

    tyerac12 October 2021