The story

Basflöjt is Bass flute in Swedish.
(the ö is similar to the English sound ‘i’ in the word ‘bird)

This is a virtual representation of the Bass flute I used on the collaboration song for Christian Hensons fiftieth birthday.
I recorded the lowest octave of the flute using an old Neumann U87 microphone.
There are four round robins and three different articulations.
Long, short and a combination patch that uses both the long and the short samples.
The modulation wheel controls the volume of the long notes while velocity controls the volume of the short notes.
I’ve extended the range of the instrument with one octave up and one down.


lo-fi Audio Basflöjt Walkthrough


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  • Great bass flute sounds

    A simple and effective bass flute - the long and short notes both work well, and the combination blend smoothly. There is realistic variation in attack and intonation among the RRs, so the instrument has a good natural sound. It also makes a very nice pad with the reverb bringing out some interesting harmonics. Being picky, I'd maybe want an extra velocity layer or more attack / marcato at max velocity, especially on the higher notes, but these are not easy to achieve on an instrument that takes a lot of air to even get a note out. Overall a solid instrument that fills the bass-flute shaped hole in my library and readily inspires some airy ambient moods. Tack Anders!

    EamonSamplist 06 May 2022
  • Airy and bassy wind

    This is a very simple and well made instrument, featuring a bass flute with a nice character. The performance is really good and realistic, with the samples lasting a specific amount of time instead of auto-looping forever. At the end of some, you might catch a breath noise, which I think it can add more to the realism.

    There are 3 playable octaves in the lower register, but you can surely tune it up to +12 and get an extra higher one. I tested it and it sounds great! It is offered in both long and short articulations, along with a combined one in case you want a long with a more prominent attack. They are available in keyswitches as well, which makes it pretty handy when it comes to programming!

    There is a included reverb which is nice, but be careful because it may increase the volume a lot, and it can clip if you max it out. There is also a filter/tone setting which by default cuts out some of the highs. I'm not sure why, but I recommend going all in because the airy texture is hidden in the highs! There are also full ADSR controls which are always nice to have!

    Alex Raptakis07 May 2022
  • Beautiful sound, beautiful UI

    The UI fits perfectly with the sound. This is a very interesting sounding instrument that has its uses for more unique things. Bonus points for RR's recorded!