Kurzweil PC3 Rubenstein Piano

This is definitely my favorite piano on my over 10 years Kurzweil PC3, a stage piano with incredible sound quality for its time. I sampled it with 8 i...

The story

My Kurzweil PC3 is already over 10 years old. I started a journey of sampling the timbres that I like and use the most at that time. As I really liked the first result, I decided to share it.

Kurzweil PC3 Rubenstein Piano for Kontakt

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  • A simply beautiful piano!

    This is a very simple but very well sampled piano that comes in a very barebones patch. It features a very mellow and kind character to it, but without any lacking dynamics. The attack also gets brighter depending on how hard you play, which I really like.

    I just wish that the panning was set from left to right based on the pitch of the note (low to high) like other pianos do it. Right now it's well-centered, which can be fine in most programming sessions anyway. It's good though and I highly recommend you check it out!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • A truly great "keyboard" piano

    When you think about it Kurzweil have always been way ahead of their time in so many respects. This is a great "keyboard" piano and is really well sampled/translated to Kontakt. There are so many amazing "real" sampled pianos on PianoBook it's not really fair or useful to compare this to them - there are plenty of times when you need a "good" piano that doesn't dominate or sound too characterful and for those times this is perfect. I love how it exhibits a massive "tonal" dynamic range from super gentle to crashing load without actually being too dynamic from a technical decibel viewpoint - it's often quite hard to compress "real" piano without nasty side effects and this is another area where this type of instrument really excels. Great addition to PianoBook and I look forward to hearing more Kurzweil classics - especially seeing as I never managed to own one myself.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • Great dynamics and sound but hard to access quiet layers

    While this isn't my favorite piano on the site, I still think its really great. There is very little noise and the high end sounds fantastic. It's also really playable and dynamic. The low end is super powerful and the harder you play the keys, the brighter they get in a really natural way. My only complaints are that, for one, i don't love the tone of the mids as much as i do the lows and highs. There is something kind of hollow and slightly radio like about it for me. And two, i find it really hard to access the softest dynamic layers. I don't have the best midi keyboard in the world but i usually don't find this to be an issue on other libraries. Maybe for my taste the velocity range of these quietest layers is too low.
    All in all its still a great piano with many beautiful qualities going for it.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021