Khayones Keys

A toy piano from Kalika recorded with a L22 mic from Townsend Labs....

The story

This is Khayones Keys for the full version of Kontakt 5.0 or above.

I sampled the piano Khayone used for her submission to Christian Henson’s

3x round robin
2 velocity layers

Piano from Kalika.
Microphone is a L22 from Townsend Labs


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  • Cute toy piano, easy to play

    Very lovely and cute sounded toy piano! I thought it would have been even better if more key range was covered. Nice to play with!

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • Lovely Music Box/ Toy Sound. Could do with GUI Elements for more control.

    Great sound out of the box that is very detailed. To improve, I would add a couple more GUI elements so we can have control over the Dynamic layers via a mod wheel, and can extend the sound with FX e.g. delay would work well. Overall, a solid effort and beautiful artwork.

    Angus Roberts-Carey14 October 2021