Kemble Piano

A lovely warm sounding upright....

The story

This Kemble piano is very dear to me as I wrote my first film score on this in 2015, and it has worked it’s way into almost all of my scores since then. With my degree ending I have decided to sample this piano using high end gear so that I can continue to include this beautiful piano in my music, as well as allowing everyone else at Pianobook to use it.

I hope this piano serves you all well!



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  • A gentle piano with low dynamics

    This piano has a very sweet and romantic character, but unfortuantely it is very noisy, both in terms of the trigger sounds and in white noise as well. The sustain pedal to be is very loud too, especially in contrast with the piano being very quiet with low dynamics. Sadly there is no way to reduce the trigger sounds, since there is no GUI at all.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • My Favourite Piano!

    This is a real hidden gem although its not perfect. I have umpteen pianos I've paid for but this is probably my favourite although there are several inconsistencies and little glitches. I've opened up kontakt and altered some of the note levels and the responsiveness to improve things. If I ever find the time I'll do it properly and share the results here.

    Jim Sanger17 October 2021