Jonah’s Ambisonic Rhodes

An MK1 Rhodes played through a fender duo and line-6 amplifi....

The story

Ambisonic Rhodes MK1. James Kedwards – Berkshire.

I was left this project to do by a friend, Jonah, after he passed away in May of this year – he was a passionate young musician and FOH engineer that inspired me to be the person I am today.
This library features his MK1 Rhodes, played through a fender duo (slightly driven) and line-6 amplifi. I recorded his MK1 with a U67 on Amps, two PZM mics about three metres away, this is mixed with line signal and a U47 Ambient.

The aim of this project was to put into practice my new ‘virtual surround’ processing, which I developed for the Live Sound use-case, allowing for a pseudo-surround 3D mix area, assigning channels to ‘Zones’, while only using LR output.
This processing is a custom Linux OS and hardware, simply creating a multi-dimensional mixspace; which for Live FOH worked so well that I brought it into use when sampling. If you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to me @_jkedwards_.
The rhodes was recorded through the mics listed above, into Midas Pro-6 preamps (I had only digital consoles on hand) and into PT at 96k. These were then sent through my Matrixbrute for filtering, then edited into Kontakt.

There are p (soft) f(hard mechanism) and sus(sustain) layers, you’ll find them in the Samples folder – the sustains are really well balanced after the surround processing, and I left the others at a low level.

Thanks to Richard Furstenheim for letting me collect the room impulse of the Royal Chapel, this is what both this Rhodes, and ‘Jonah’s Piano’ are processed through before reverb.

Try using with ‘Jonah’s Felted Grand’ as a multi for an incredible result.

More instruments coming soon (there’s the Royal Chapel Organ also in surround which should be interesting!)


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  • Desperately quiet, but a lovely tone...

    This instrument has been recorded far too quietly unfortunately. I needed to boost it by about 25db just for it to gain match a typical piano in Kontakt, however when you do this, the noise floor becomes very loud. The sound itself is nice though and has that silky, glassy Rhodes tone. But the playability isn't on the same level as James' other PB libraries. Great effort, still excited to see what's next!!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • Quiet and noisy at the same time.

    This instrument is sampled on a way low volume level, and if you somehow manage to increase it you immediately get heavy white noise. Not sure what else to say because there is not many things someone can do about that.

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • Rather attractive bell like timbre

    Warm and gentle tones from a classic instrument. I feel all 70's and I don't mind a touch of hiss.

    Boag111 October 2021