JM Felt Piano

A Steinway Upright Piano felted and recorded softly with a pair of C414s.

The story

JM Felt Piano is a Steinway Upright Piano with the soft pedal engaged, captured on a pair of C414s. This sample instrument aims to capture the player as well as the instrument to create an imperfect characterful, intimate piano sound.

*This sample pack was updated 27/04/22

Reviews for JM Felt Piano

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  • Beautiful soft tone with a few issues

    The sound of this piano is really sad and emotional which is awesome. The noise reduction is also great. You dont really hear the brushy felt too much on this one it more just sounds like a warm subdued piano, you dont really get that percussive quality with it. Also as mentioned there are a few programming issues but they only seem to happen for a few notes, there might some ways around this like deleting certain round robins and stuff but i dont personally know how to go behind the hood and do this. It would also be nice to have more dynamic layers and round robins. This is still a worthy felt piano none the less though thats worth trying out

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • An ultra-felt piano!

    This is a very nicely sampled felt piano, and I know that's hard to do because of the low volume usually introducing high levels of noise. Fortunately there is not really any audible noise, and the sound signature is awesome.

    A set of samples in the middle range have a slight clicky attack, and occasionaly you might find some round robins that don't respond perfectly well, so that can be very hard to deal with, even in programming. The most prominent delay is clearly on F4, F#4 and G4, as seen on the DecentSampler keybed. Speaking of keybeds, the entire keybed is mapped one octave up than your regular piano, which means the middle C sounds lower, so you will have to tweak your keyboard's octave if you want to perform on it.

    It's a nice sound though so it might worth your attention.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Nice colour

    This has a nice colour, but needs improvement in the programming, since there are cases when the notes will not trigger correctly, they are out of time. Also, the mapping may needs some corrections in order to make it playable.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG28 October 2021