A celebration of the dirt, grit, dust, and moods of analog crossed with the world of complex modular effects

The story

Created as a thank you to the Pianobook community, this is a pack of 20 sounds captured from the Arturia Polybrute processed with the Empress Effects Euroburo.

Leaning in to the ‘perfectly imperfect’ nature of analog I aimed to capture those moments of instability, texture, mood, and warmth and expand on them with gritty distortions and amplifier simulations, lush reverbs, granular processing, and other extensions that complimented the sonic palette of one of the most complex and interesting analog synthesizers I’ve ever used.

Thank you all for the support, and I hope you enjoy this new Pianobook exclusive just as much as I enjoyed creating it!

The Making Of Isometra


Reviews for Isometra

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  • Inspiration
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  • Very Cool

    Another amazing dark, gritty and moody library from Venus Theory. Thank you.

    Don Ricardo08 July 2022
  • Another home run

    Another great instrument - as good as Chimera. Number 11 is particularly gorgeous.

    Pluginmonkey08 July 2022
  • So awesome Thank you Caneron

    Another high quality sample set from Cameron. Thank you Venus Theory, you are truly awesome and I love that this is a cool Dark sample library, perfect for the music I make and I already use your other DS instruments a lot.

    preilly15709 July 2022
  • Very Nice

    A collection of very usable sounds, thank you for your hard work

    Alastair09 July 2022
  • Elegant, Deep and full of character

    That mod wheel assigned to the tone knob just makes everything come to life. This is got to be one the best library for deep drone, underscore, sonic beds... such a great foundation for the kind of music I make. It's great to use the mod wheel to dial in subtle transitions.

    InternalEye10 July 2022
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