Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape

A very well-loved Model O recorded with a Telefunken U48, KM84 Pair and a Blumlein format BBC ribbon mic....

The story

I’d been sat doing very little while suffering from the COVID-19 Virus, so I spent some time processing and putting together this instrument.
It’s again my Model O which isn’t in pristine condition, and is very old so rarely all working.

I’d been repairing some tube mics and working on a Neve 8078 project at home, so while testing these, created the library.
Some of the samples (mechanism) are re used from my past libraries.

The mics were: Telefunken U48, KM84 Pair and a Blumlein format BBC ribbon mic.
I put these signals through the Neve 8078 Sidecar for MS EQ, with SSL-G Compressor on the master, which adds to the effect heard.

This time I used an 8″ driver as a sub-kick attached to the underside of the piano, this collected low end information,
and I passed it through the Pultec EQP-1A to cut and boost the low band of this signal.

Auto-tracked through the Studer A80 into PT. I left it re-tracking overnight, took a couple of attempts!
It’s a warm, rich sound which revolves around the tube/ribbon mics, analogue gear and tape.

Enjoy, and stay safe.


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  • To date this is still my favorite pianobook library

    This is like the perfect blend of full of character, very good recording, and incredibly dynamic / playable. This piano might be the best free grand piano you can find, insanely good velocity blend and moody but charismatic. File size is a bit large but I think its very well worth it, my only beef with it is that I believe maybe some of the upper notes have a tiny bit of aliasing, or something in the way Kontakt loads the instrument causes it to have a bit of inharmonity in the very top reaches of the hearing range. Kedwards strikes again on this one, bravo!

    Conner13 October 2021