Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape

A very well-loved Model O recorded with a Telefunken U48, KM84 Pair and a Blumlein format BBC ribbon mic....

The story

I’d been sat doing very little while suffering from the COVID-19 Virus, so I spent some time processing and putting together this instrument.
It’s again my Model O which isn’t in pristine condition, and is very old so rarely all working.

I’d been repairing some tube mics and working on a Neve 8078 project at home, so while testing these, created the library.
Some of the samples (mechanism) are re used from my past libraries.

The mics were: Telefunken U48, KM84 Pair and a Blumlein format BBC ribbon mic.
I put these signals through the Neve 8078 Sidecar for MS EQ, with SSL-G Compressor on the master, which adds to the effect heard.

This time I used an 8″ driver as a sub-kick attached to the underside of the piano, this collected low end information,
and I passed it through the Pultec EQP-1A to cut and boost the low band of this signal.

Auto-tracked through the Studer A80 into PT. I left it re-tracking overnight, took a couple of attempts!
It’s a warm, rich sound which revolves around the tube/ribbon mics, analogue gear and tape.

Enjoy, and stay safe.

Reviews for Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape

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  • Perfect! ...and loud so reduce the default volume

    This a perfected sampled piano, hands down. It has everything - character, dynamics and pristine sound quality, as it literally has absolutely 0 noise. With that said, the default patch runs at 0 Kontakt volume, and I really recommend putting it below -15db, because as soon as you hit higher velocities you will get heavy distortion. I need to add that the GUI offers no settings at all, but the sound is so crystal clear that I can't give it anything other than a perfect score. Very well done!

    Alex Raptakis21 October 2021
  • James is the best

    All of James' piano recordings are just beautiful and this is no exception. It has so much character. It's simple with no processing. Add your own reverb if needed.

    obolig22 October 2021
  • To date this is still my favorite pianobook library

    This is like the perfect blend of full of character, very good recording, and incredibly dynamic / playable. This piano might be the best free grand piano you can find, insanely good velocity blend and moody but charismatic. File size is a bit large but I think its very well worth it, my only beef with it is that I believe maybe some of the upper notes have a tiny bit of aliasing, or something in the way Kontakt loads the instrument causes it to have a bit of inharmonity in the very top reaches of the hearing range. Kedwards strikes again on this one, bravo!

    Conner13 October 2021
  • Pristine

    James has figured out the formula: Start with a phenomenal instrument, play it with skill and finesse, capture every nuance with great mics and other gear, and then edit it perfectly in Kontakt. The results are beyond compare. This is the perfect piano library. It sounds fresh, has an enormous dynamic range, and is responsive to the lightest or firmest touch. I'd like to submit a nomination for this instrument to be turned into a LABS instrument. I know it's big in terms of file size, but it's so good that everyone deserves a chance to play it. You can't measure this sort of value in gigabytes!

    Sam Ecoff08 November 2021
  • Dynamic Range Baby

    First of all the dynamic range on this is insane, going from whisper quiet to extremely bright and loud which is pretty rare for pianobook and much appreciated. Most of the time i prefer felt pianos. especially in sample library form i find regular pianos a little boring an uninteresting compared to felts. Thats just my personal preference and doesn't take away from how amazing and well sampled this instrument is. I remember it even sticking out to me last year when i first found pianobook and was testing out pianos. I might not find use for this that often but its always stuck in the back of my mind

    septemberwalk11 November 2021