Infinite Tape Glockenspiel

A totally warbled crunchy tape glockenspiel with notes that go on forever

The story

This is a glockenspiel I bought for my godchild which sounded so nice that I decided to sample it.

I always try to make my samples sound imperfect because I have a disability (I suffer from constant pain) and I try to mirror this aspect in my sounds: that a person (or sound) can keep going despite hardships and struggle. Any ko-fi support is very welcome!

I recorded 2 velocity layers in a room with a lot of natural reverb and processed the recordings through warped tape loops that keep on going. I wanted the initial sound of each key to last, which is how it ended up sounding like this.

The end result doesn’t quite sound really glockenspiel-like anymore, maybe more like a dusty faded impression of what once was a glockenspiel.

_______RELEASE NOTES_______


I updated the GUI and added a number of useful controls to modify the sound:
– cutoff
– resonance
– distortion

Full version of Kontakt 6.7.0 is required to use this instrument.
Recorded in 48Hz/24bit WAV



Reviews for Infinite Tape Glockenspiel

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Infinitely cool!

    I was expecting more of a glockenspiel sound, and even though I got something completely different, I instantly loved it! This heavily processed glockenspiel is warm and creepy at the same time, with an infinite tail of tape saturation effect going on. The result is an incredible textured sound that you will definitely like!

    After the V2 update, you will find a nice GUI that features a full ADSR panel, cuttoff filter and an awesome Drive knob in case you make things heavier. Highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • Sweet evolving textures!

    I love how some of the sounds will go careening off into a sea of wobbly tape; multiple voices will first cascade and stack uniformly but their sustain will gradually evolve into a swarm-like shape.

    This is a cool instrument that allows for some interesting musical grammar and expression. Thanks for this!

    Geoff Ereth27 April 2022
  • A really inspiring warbly sound!

    This is a really inspiring tape, warmly, lo-fi piano-esque sound. It seems to work well in many different contexts. It has a thick, full bass that can hold down the bottom end of a dramatic cue, and a characterful high end that can serve as a distorted post-industrial piano. In the middle is an almost pad-like texture (especially when you use the ADSR controls to lengthen the attack) which can fill in gaps in your arrangement. Very cool, very useful! This is a great contribution to the Piano Book community!

    Sam Ecoff28 April 2022