Infinite Guitar

Customizable Fender Telecaster sampled with an eBow.

The story

Last year, I sampled my Fender Telecaster as part of a University project. I loved using my eBow to sustain the guitar notes, but unfortunately, the nature of the device only allows for one string to be sustained at a time. Through sampling, I was now able to create multiple layers of drones quickly and efficiently.

The Kontakt version comes with bespoke GUI, that includes Volume, ADSR , Drive, and LP Filter parameters to help you truly shape the timbre you desire.

Although the instrument is simple in concept, it offers a surprising range- from deep and thick bass, to icy highs.
The samples were recorded through DI, so I would recommend using plug-in Amp emulators and reverbs to create a more warm and realistic tone.


Reviews for Infinite Guitar

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  • Awesome ambient guitar bed

    I love these guitar texture instruments as a guitarist. I could play a lead line on my real guitar and then use a patch like this to create really chords that would be impossible on a real guitar. This has a really cool tone. I haven't tried running it trough any effects yet which should be fun. I just used this in a track. Its very inspiring. Chords of Orion Vibes

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
  • Warm synth sound of Guitar pad

    I found this library just a little bit difficult to use. I really like it when it sounds just fine out of the box, but as it has such a long tail and a strong synth taste, I thin it would choose the project to fit in. But the sound is customizable with ADSR/Drive etc, with a little tweak you can get the sound you want.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • An interesting sound

    This small patch is very well done, and the samples have a very subtle noise that can go easily unnoticed. The overall sound is very synthy and in general it's kind of sharp - in terms of texture, not musically. The GUI is nice with full ADSR options, though I find that even with the attack all the way down, it is still fadey. I found it working best as a smooth pad, with the Filter "Freq" knob in the middle to make it a little smooth, but I still don't find it THAT interesting. It might sound very appealing to you though!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • Driven guitar-based pads

    This sample pack uses guitars as a source to create beautifully driven sustaining pads. The sound is well-recorded, with no audible glitches and only minimal noise. The cutoff frequency knob in the interface doesn't have much resolution, and there's obvious stepping noise if you try to execute a filter sweep. i can only guess that it was intended as a 'set and forget' control that wouldn't be changed much in performance. This library's strengths is definitely pads. If you try to regain some of the guitar's attack, you'll be sadly disappointed. Setting the attack time to zero doesn't allow you to play the samples from the beginning. The samples were evidently processed before going into Kontakt. So, with some reverb, this is a really unique sound and a fresh take on pads. It's a nice option which should sit nicely in a mix. Can't wait to use it!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • good as pad

    its only quite usable as pad , it has such a long attack that its not usable for short notes also the frequenty stack is quite high, but its a goot consept en will def give some inspiration.

    DKproductions14 October 2021