Hofner “Violin” Bass Guitar

A 1960s hollow body Hofner bass guitar

The story

This is a sample of a borrowed 1960s Hofner “violin” bass guitar. It doesn’t sound anything like a violin. I guess they call it that for its shape. The guitar was sampled direct-in, and the Kontakt instrument includes amp modelling and tweakable chorus effect. There is a basic automatic legato built-in, and slide up/down articulations available via keyswitches at G0 and A0. The mod wheel can be used to add some subtle vibrato.


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  • It's wonky but I like it!

    At first I thought this is going to be another e-bass instrument, but it's not exactly that. I mean, it is, but the sound coming of it is definitely not what I initially expected - in a good way! You really have to try it yourself to understand what it can do (unless I'm bad and I'm missing out all that time, which is very likely).

    The only thing I have to note is that sometimes the volume is a bit inconsistent. For example, when you play the top C at full velocity, it goes up to half the volume. If you play in a legato style with another note, it goes crazy, peaking red and becoming distorted. That can be easily managed in programming though.

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • Hofner “Violin” Bass Guitar - A Great Backbone for Your Tracks

    This simple plug-and-play bass is perfect for your jazzy cues or some subtle bass in intimate scores. This bass has a number of built-in FX like chorus that works great, as well as extra slides and FX in the higher register of the keyboard, but I've found this bass is more focused on the lower-end frequencies below 1kHz so it's best used to provide rhythm and structure. This is a very high-quality electric bass that I would heartily recommend you give a go. Great work BrendanBeeBee!

    Harriet Ford Music14 January 2022
  • Sounds like a bass

    The sound is decent but I have trouble playing the instrument. The middle octave seems to have a few RRs in the wrong octave and makes playing the instrument a little difficult.
    The 'finger strenght' knob seems to affect 'attack time', making the sound fade in as the strenght goes up, I thought that was odd.