HKM 1.1

Acoustic guitar harmonics, Kalimba, and Melodica each with their own volumes so you can create your own blend

The story

I recorded harp style harmonics on my acoustic guitar, a cheap Kalimba, and long melodica notes with irregular vibrato. Each were going to be separate kontakt instruments, but the blend when they all stacked up was too cool sounding to split apart and has a ton of character. I suppose the inspiration in this case was boredom as I’m between gigs, but the result is something special.

Now with ADSR and Offset controls over the melodica layer!


Reviews for HKM 1.1

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  • A wonderful combination!

    This instrument combines three others to achieve a wonderful dreamy sound. It's a simple idea and it is presented in a simple way too. With the three provided faders you can blend the sounds in any way the user desires, and there is also a nice reverb to add some lush on everything.

    Sampling-wise, you might notice a few background noises within the sample bodies, but it's only hearable if you sustain the samples for longer than normal. The instrument plays very well though, and it's spread in 6 octaves with 3 round robins on each sample, which results to a more organic sound.

    As a personal preference, I'd say that the harmonica doesn't fit as well as the harmonics do with the kalimba, which those two simply create something awesome to my ears. Perhaps it would be helpful if the harmonica had a better envelope setting, so it doesn't sound too sudden.

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022
  • Too good to be free

    The sounds so are well recorded and edited. The quality of content in this is honestly too good to be free. A definite download from Pianobook for me. Looking forward to more of these. A great combination. Love the raw background noises you can hear here and there

    JashandeepReehal24 May 2022
  • Perfect together

    Individually the parts sound great, but used together, it's got its own sense of style that really inspires.
    I love the inclusion of the round robins though, it's the one thing that sets this instrument apart from most of the others in this style.
    I do wish there were some more envelope controls, but that can be done outside of kontakt anyway.

    Great little library for noodling on top of.

    rrahim24 May 2022
  • 3 instruments for the price of none!

    This library contains 3 instruments with individual level controls which are all really nicely recorded and individually useable. The combination, particularly of the kalimba and harmonics (with maybe a pinch of melodica), can generate a totally novel sound, replicating a single acoustic instrument but sounding like nothing I've heard before.

    I suspect that even more depth could be obtained from the library by addition of some ADSR controls, which would probably allow the melodica to be blended a little better with the 'plucked' sounds as well. It could also be nice to have some kind of pitch-specific limits on certain instruments - for example, the kalimba has some fruity harmonics in the lower range which don't play so nicely with the other instruments. However this would be getting into fairly complicated programming for something which can be achieved by the user without too much trouble 'under the hood'.

    Overall: 3 good simple instruments, combine for a totally unique sound. Add your own ADSR and go exploring!

    Eamon24 May 2022
  • A surprisingly good combination of weird instruments

    This one is honestly better than I expected. The sound is super cool and well processed. Its definitely going into one of my projects straight away. I really don't find anything to complain with this, other than now I want to have a vol 2 with even more stuff.
    Perfect for a bit more experimental music! Bonus points for the pretty and simple uUI!

    Heikki Ketola24 May 2022