Harp Piano

A palm muted piano from London recorded with two U-87s in stereo and a Coles in the center....

The story

This Piano was recorded at Goldsmith Music Studios, London where a study a part-time masters course. The tone conveys a palm muted technique, that is lightly applied in order to allow the piano strings to resonate- causing a harp-like timbre.

Recorded with two U-87s (Stereo) and a Coles (Ribbon) placed in the centre.


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  • Simple and clear, easy to use harp sound

    Clearly captured, simple sound of harp. It is ribbon/stereo/room controllable and it gives a nice room ambience when it is on. I get nostalgic hearing the sound :

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Quite unique sound

    My ears are bamboozled by this instrument, for me it sounds like a fusion between a harp and pizz strings. Really different and unique!

    Fred Poirier16 October 2021
  • Add To favourites

    Added this to my harp library, strong and punchy! will defiantly make an appearance.

    Leon Price14 October 2021