Harmonic Flights

High harmonics from a double bass pitch shifted and processed......

The story

For this sample project I aimed to create an instrument that could playback my recorded double bass performances in a way that is impossible to do live. It was originally put together to create a unique, reverb-drenched soundscape for a scene of a theatre piece that I was working on.

Loosely repeated arco notes were performed very lightly on high harmonics and recorded with a close mic (large diaphragm condenser) and a matched pair of stereo room mics (small diaphragm condenser). These recordings were then processed and pitch-shifted to give the various results that you find when playing within the coloured zones of the keyboard (violet: A0 to D1, orange: D#1 to D3, blue: D#3 to C#6, turquoise: D6 to C7).

Have a nice flight!

New in Version 2.0:

– Cleaner GUIs (Kontakt and Decent Sampler)
– Release Control (Kontakt and Decent Sampler)
– High Pass Filter (HPF) Control (Kontakt only)

Features (Kontakt):

– Short Loop and Long Loop signals, selected by button or key switch (C0 & D0).
– When the “Both” button (or key switch E0) is selected the loops can be crossfaded using CC1.
– Volume mapped to CC11.
– Reverb & LPF controls (these are in the DS version, as well).
– Transparent Limiter with an on/off button.

Note for the Kontakt version: The mapped midi CC assignments can be removed, if needed. The CC11 modulator can be removed by pressing on the wrench icon (to go under the hood), going to the “Mod” tab, selecting the modulator that reads “midi CC, 11”, then right clicking on the selected modulator to open the “Delete” dialogue box, before clicking “Delete”. This process can be repeated to remove the CC1 modulator.

It is also important to note that clipping can occur when several voices of this instrument are playing at the same time at maximum volume. This can be mitigated with the volume control (CC11) and/or with the Limiter button.

Note for the Decent Sampler (DS) version: The Short Loop and Long Loop signals can be blended and muted using the corresponding volume knobs, which can also be midi-mapped. I have also included an LPF control that can be used along with the Reverb control to create a “pad” effect.

The first demo of mine that features this instrument (and four others that I have created) is called “Wood, Metal, and Mane” and can be heard on the Cymbal Atmos instrument page.


Reviews for Harmonic Flights

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  • Character
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  • Inspiration
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  • Pure bliss

    What a nice and usable work! Perfect part for any epic sound space... Many Thanks, man!

    starkinson25 March 2022
  • Favorite Instrument in a While

    This is defiantly my favorite instrument in a while on Pianobook, I love the weird string texture instruments. But this one is different. It goes so low and actually gets cooler the lower you go. It has that very scratchy, realistic sound that i feel like is missing from so many string libraries that are too sterile and clean. I recently bought albion one and was pretty disappointed with the string section, it sounds too sterile and boring. This patch is great for adding some weird interest ontop of other strings and ill definitely be using this in future works

    septemberwalk25 October 2021
  • Just Download It, Whats Not To Like.

    Sage creates interesting, great sounding, instruments; this is the third one I have downloading and I am not disappointed.

    This definitely one for providing a bit of inspiration, or adding a bit of movement and interest to a score.

    lfo2vco15 December 2021
  • These sounds gave me chills

    These are some of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my entire life. Download it or you'll regret it

    SLATE30 December 2021
  • What a performance and what a sound....

    .... thanks so much for this contribution. Helps a lot scoring and is so awesome sounding. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you!!

    Isola Music15 October 2021
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