Guitar Textures

Evolving guitar pads and plucks

The story

Evolving guitar pads and plucks, recorded using my Fender Thinline Telecaster, a PlimSoul distortion pedal, and Fender Hot Rod amp. I created the pads by tapping and hitting the guitar body and bridge, as well as using a guitar slide, and 12th fret harmonics. The plucks have 2 velocity layers and round robins.

I wanted to get my other guitars involved, and create some tremolo textures too, but just couldn’t find the time. Perhaps I’ll save them for a future project!

Reviews for Guitar Textures

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  • Great sounds

    Great sounding samples. Thank you for making this!

    JTW_Music13 October 2021
  • Fantastic guitar ambience!

    This instrument pack features 3 very barebones single patches, Plucks, Pad and a combination of the two. My favourite is by far just the Plucks one, which also features a pad-like tail. I do recommend them, because I am sure you will get inspired, even just a little bit!

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • Inspiring sounds with some quirks

    These are some very inspiring sounds. While the pads have three velocity layers, the plucks, oddly have but one. Some sounds have round robins, others do not. I'm not sure exactly why, but these sounds are all really soft, even when you incase the volume in the default GUI to max. If you hold notes in the "Pad" preset to the end, they cut off rather sharply and unceremoniously, and many have some strange extra noises at the end. These samples were recorded with reverb, and additional reverb is being added by the Kontakt engine. These sounds are potentially really useful, but some of the quirks I've noted above are holding them back from being as great as through could potentially be.

    Sam Ecoff25 October 2021
  • Perfect Electric Guitar Vibes

    Very inspiring and great quality sounds, I can really see a use for these. I love how the electric guitar textures don't get lost under the reverb in the pad patch. The sounds in the pad have been constructed well and the plucks sound great too, there is a lot of vibe here. The pad has different velocity layers which are controlled by keyboard velocity instead of the mod wheel, this feels a bit strange and counter intuitive for a pad. This is not a problem if you know how to change it in kontakt, but it might limit someone who doesn't because the velocity layers on a pad are normally controlled with the mod wheel in many other libraries.Over all the the sounds are very useful and inspiring, thank you for uploading I will definitely be using them.

    Jesse Smith07 December 2021
  • Authentic Ambient Guitar sound

    Im a sucker for these ambient GUitar patches. The pad really resembles ambient guitar swells that use a volume pedal. However it seems that the volume of the samples is uneven so that some notes ring out very loud and other are barley audible. The range is also pretty limited and it would have been cool to pitch stretch this, im sure it would have sounded great. With some more work this would be a really authentic ambient guitar patch. As far as the plucks go im not really a fan of these at all. As a guitarist ive said before i think its either very difficult or impossible to realistically capture the articulation of plucking strings and to make it convincing. This just feels like some midi guitar patch on a synth to me. This library has potential and is still pretty cool as is.

    septemberwalk27 October 2021