Guitar Strings Violin

A Violin with guitar strings creates amazing sounds with evolving drones and some notes are playable to make a tune!

The story

As always we must have fun in the studio, it was a sunny day and as I took
a moment to pause whilst enjoying my cup of coffee I found myself staring
at a cheap violin in the corner of the studio, it had been there for a long time so I thought come on let’s have some fun today!
I wanted the sound to be something different so I put guitar strings on it and recorded some samples to make drone-type sounds, this was achieved by placing the recorded samples through the Cube VST and changing the LFOs, changing the EQ, and then adding some time stretch.
It worked well, the VST is mainly for background drone sounds but you can actually play some of the notes to make a tune!
The music in the video was created entirely from the VST except for the drumbeat.
Sadly the neck on the violin broke later that day…


Reviews for Guitar Strings Violin

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  • NAILED IT!!!

    Absolutely nailed the Sound capture. Would love to see more of these kinds. I just downloaded it and having so much fun creating underlayers with it. Will definitely go into some tracks

    JashandeepReehal23 May 2022
  • Great Fun!

    Really enjoying this. first instrument i downloaded for the decent sampler.
    Thanks man

    Caift24 June 2022
  • Weirdly Cool

    Honestly, I never thought putting guitar strings on a violin would sound cool but the quality and the actual presentation of this pack makes it easy to give weird stuff a try, who knows, maybe guitar strings on a violin is exactly what your mix is missing!

    JakeW23 May 2022
  • Simply amazing

    This feels like a perfect addition to some more cinematic and beautiful pieces. Even though the technique is almost a cliche, the sound is amazing and creative.

    Heikki Ketola23 May 2022
  • Awesome EDM Strings!

    If you are familiar with EDM and electronic music in general, you will definitely love this one. This instrument features the familiar synth-string type of sound that does magic, not only in electronic music, but in other genres as well. The sound is very wet and it gets even better with some additional reverb. The sampling is great, and the main section is spread in a little less than 3 octaves. You will also find another section in the top with some "different" noises, which might trigger some inspiration, and another one on the bottom featuring some bassy, and saturated soundscapes.

    On top of that all, you will find both attack and release settings to tweak the shape as you want, along with a filter to perhaps cut out some of the harsh highs.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022
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