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19-5-22: Added Decent Sampler Version!

This is my Grumpy Philicorda! The first ‘all tube’ version of the Philips Philicorda organ that found its way into many Dutch households since the early sixties.

This one found its way into my studio some 20 years ago and was used on many recordings since. It sounds lovely and sometimes a little grumpy..

Sampling every sound of this organ is quite a lot and that’s why I’ve kept it to 5 presets I called ‘favourites’. There’s only EXS format for now and the different presets can be switched with the modulation controller.
LFO1 is set to 6Hz so adding some vibrato simulates the original Philicorda vibrato!

Have fun playing this piece of history!


Reviews for Grumpy Phili Favourites

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  • Great foundation for Layering

    I've found this to be pretty great not only as a standalone sound, but as a foundation for layering other stuff on to. Specifically the Vox1245 preset on the very low end. That paired with my Moog Grandmother makes for some really interesting drones

    Minirehak21223 May 2022
  • Found The Sauce

    Great Organ Sauce To Drown Out The Sounds Of Our Inner Demons And Our Tinnitus, Lubricates The Ears

    JakeW23 May 2022
  • A nice and responsive organ

    If you are looking for a great, lightweight and responsive organ, this might be a good option. Not only it's less than 20MB, but it features 5 different sounds that are accessible via the handy drop-down menu.

    If you are using DecentSampler and you get an error, don't panic - just browse and select the "samples" folder, and ignore the next error message. It works just fine!

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022
  • Simple but effective

    Well sampled, perfect loops and efficient on space and with lots of character. I found at least one sample, which had a bit of a pop 0.5 seconds into the sample. The fact that there are only two samples per octave leads to some noticeable timbre jumps. This affects some sounds more than others and isn't really an issue when playing multiple notes.

    I created an SFZ version of this instrument which is available in this repository:

    SpotlightKid03 March 2023