Ice Choir

The sound of a frozen Scottish Loch.

The story

In what has proven to be a diversion (understatement) I discovered a phenomenon whereby lakes (or in this case a Scottish loch) have an inherent pitch when they become iced over. If snow rests on the top this pitch disappears. But what is most mysterious is that the pitch tends to change depending on temperature.

Here’s a video about how I made the library:

…and here’s the video about my original discovery:

Reviews for Ice Choir

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  • GUI

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  • The High Lonesome sound

    Nice ambient landscapes, after watching the video on this I often thought of it and how creative an endeavor it was. I Can't wait to run bits of it in reverse, along with shorting dropouts, undulating pitch shifted bits of itself swirling around the other kids in the pool. So many possibilities! Thanks Christian!

    DrWhite13 October 2021
  • Soundscape goodness

    This is a perfect instrument for me because it captures the sound of ice so well! I won't use it in a huge range of projects, but I think for the specific purpose of having these slow icey evolving pads, it's perfect. I like going for a longer release, and adding a touch of reverb. The mod wheel works well with adding some life and motion to it. For adding interesting sound effects or textures to any score, play around with the 15 different presets even one with bird sounds! Always appreciated!

    Ada Maskil05 November 2021
  • Amazing!!! Your choice of nature sound

    There are many choices available, I especially like the one with birds. Lots of nature feeling, it brings a wild character instantly and this is a must have library!

    Asuka Amane22 October 2021
  • Instant inspiration

    I love the sound of these samples! I honestly wish I had access to the raw ice sounds so I could mess with them with my own audio effects. But I have already used these processed sounds in a couple of tracks, and it gives instant character to an introduction or quiet bridge, I absolutely love it! The only little UI issue that I have with it is how many different patches it creates in Decent Sampler. I wish there was a way to have one instrument with a bunch of presets in it like you can have in Kontakt

    toucam06 November 2021
  • Organs, pads, and choirs, oh my!

    I'm reviewing Kontakt v.5. These samples are beautifully recorded and the Kontakt instruments are very well programmed. The result is instruments which are immediately very playable and inspiring. I was left wishing for some GUI controls for control over the envelope and reverb, but these controls are certainly available if one wants to dig a bit. This library should be one of the top recommended downloads on the PB site.

    Sam Ecoff25 October 2021
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