Fog Horn

The atmospheric soundscapes made from old reel-to-reel recordings of Fog Horns

The story

The Story:
Welcome to the Fog Horn, this music VST was inspired by my childhood holidays to Barry Island in South Wales.
One of my childhood memories was hearing the fog horns from the ships as they came near to the coastal port of Berry Island, I just loved the sounds
and the atmosphere around the then Butlins holiday camp.
Sometime in 1987, we went on a visit to Sumburgh’s restored foghorn, and my dad made a cassette tape recording of the horn sounding.
Unfortunately, I could not find the original cassette however there was a copy of it put on to my dad’s Grundig reel-to-reel recorder, it wasn’t the best quality recording but with a lot of effort I managed to clean it up, and then made some samples, I also used some damaged reel-to-reel tape that played a crackling type of rain sound so all elements from the archive were used in a creative way for this project.
There was also another surprise in the recordings for me such as the entire sounds of the boilers machines and mechanical workings in the horn house
along with the horn master explaining how it all works!
I have used the best parts of the original recordings to make samples and drones with various EQ techniques, time stretch, pitch changes, and alterations to the LFOs, plus using the damaged parts of the reel-to-reel tape with added FX, etc.

Thanks as always my fellow musicians!


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  • This is a must download!!

    I am very pleased with this VST!
    It is perfect for soundtracks!

    BlueAudioHD07 July 2022
  • Amazing

    This is an incredible piece of work, I am astonished by the world of sounds it creates, as well as the level of control it offers me.

    Shem Henry11 July 2022
  • Hugely Evocative Personal Journey for Me

    This is amazing! I grew up in Barry and returned regularly in my late teens and twenties. Fog horns were such a familiar sound. During college holidays, I was lucky enough to do some volunteering on Flat Holm, one of a pair of islands in the Bristol Channel, where there was a huge Fog Horn station and a lighthouse to warn shipping about the treacherous waters. We used to sleep in a bunk house on the island, although, when the horn was in full swing, not much sleeping was going on. In Summer, it would also disturb the 30,000 pairs of nesting gulls and the volume of combined noise really was quite something.

    Thanks for creating this instrument, I'm going to really enjoy playing with it and reliving some of my happiest memories.

    Fun bonus fact - I also worked a summer season at the holiday camp as a redcoat :)

    Julian23 July 2022
  • An immersive sound palette!

    What an incredible atmospheric sounds!!! Immediately you get immersed in a misty sea and an enjoyable adventure of hearing soundwaves from the port. What I like mostly is the quality and the continuous development-variation of the sound. I only wish that we could have the option of a Kontakt version but I am grateful to have the samples of this library. Thanks for the amazing recordings!

    Quetzal17 July 2022
  • Mr and Mrs Lee, and their son Fo, present just one facet of their life soundtrack...

    This is astonishing. It sits somewhere in a place that is part Foley, part Artwork, part Sound Effect, part Immersive Experience, and part 'I just don't have the words!'. THIS is what makes so special, because it allows people to share amazing content like this!

    The Fog Horn(s) catch you out - as you up from D6 you get a wide variety of horn sounds (each one almost a self-cliche, because you 'know' these sounds somewhere deep inside yourself), and then E7 is a 'walking' sound. But not just a simple walk cycle as you might use for animation, this is almost 9 minutes of 'boots on pier' soundscape.

    Soundscape! That's one of the words that I was groping for... Lurking behind those sliders are fog, wind, rain, tarpaulins, ropes creaking, mechanical ephemera, plus pitched timbres, and more... lots more. 'The Sea' in many of its moods is captured here - and presented for you to play with.

    I would have liked maybe just a few hints about what all the vertical sliders control. but maybe that is missing the point - I reckon that exploring the vast sonic resources here is much more rewarding.

    Controls-wise, then there are vertical sliders for selecting types of material - FX, Wind and Horns are labelled, the rest you have to explore! The main sliders also have pan controls - although the samples are stereo. There are also controls for the Tone (low-pass filter cut-off frequency), Dynamic Range, Attack, Release, Main volume, and Reverb wet/Dry mix. A good selection for this type of audio immersion generator - there's no need for delay or chorus or phasing here.

    Overall, then, a gob-smacking experience. Possibly the nearest I have ever been to being cast adrift in a lifeboat, or being on the Titanic, or floating, lost in a cold and foggy sea. And there you see the powerful effect that it has - it takes you somewhere else, and the synaesthesia just explodes as you are immersed in it all. Art as sound as music as experience as immersion as... 'Oh wow!'

    synthesizerwriter07 July 2022