Flamenco Dreams Guitar

A Rare Manuel Rodriguez Spanish guitar with added pads and texture on the lower and upper keys. All sound pads are made from the guitar!

The story

In 2021 I began composing some Spanish gypsy style music for publication around the world and part of the project included using my rare Manuel Rodriguiez guitar, however since that time the guitar hasn’t been used much so I thought that it would be a good idea to share this wonderful sounding guitar with music lovers and creators like you.
The guitar samples have been used for the main sound mapped out on the keyboard and as a bonus, I thought that it would be a great idea to mess around with the binary codes of the recorded sample to make some sound evolving pads and textures, these have been placed at the lower and higher range of the keyboard.
The samples were then processed in the Cube VST and I changed the EQ and added a little compression.
If you are familiar with how the binary code works on recorded cd music you will know that it’s made up of thousands of numbers 1 and 0 numbers, this is how I manipulated a few of the guitar samples to make the evolving pads.


Reviews for Flamenco Dreams Guitar

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  • Wow

    Man I love this thing, to each this own, but this is so nice thamk you

    Pooneyman22 May 2022
  • Amazing!

    Just a simple and amazing sound for inspirate our productions. Very thanks.

    jorgefunky22 May 2022
  • Simply a beautiful spanish guitar

    I was looking for a similar guitar and i finally found it! I cracked up the volume since it is quite but that was an easy fix on decent sampler..great job on this one :)

    ARKAN20 June 2022
  • A simple guitar with some extra pads

    This is a guitar+pad combo that has been sampled very nicely, but there is a catch. The guitar itself, while not dynamic, is very pleasant and nicely sampled. It scales across 3.5 octaves and next to that range you will find the pads, which are I guess the ones that make this guitar "Dreamy".

    I would say that the pads are a nice addition, but in terms of how much size they occupy, they are really the main character here. They are about 870MB, out of the 1.1GB in total. I feel it would be more fitting if they were included in a separate patch.

    As a personal preference, I like more the ones on the lower section more. They are very ambient, and they contain some harmonics which can trigger some inspiration. The "first" orange/yellow section seems like a one-purpose thing, but could be inspiring to some. The second section of a similar colour has a outwordly vocalized character to it which is more interesting for sure.

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022