Evergreen Voyager

A super-sampled Minimoog Voyager with a creative space theme....

The story

a solar system of sound.
unapologetically analog.

Inspired by the Voyager spacecraft and the message of music inside their golden records, I sampled every note across nearly nine octaves on a Minimoog Voyager plus three MoogerFooger effects signals to half-inch tape, before running that tape through a set of Neve preamps. I did this nine times, naming each patch after a world visited by the Voyager spacecraft and the resulting instrument is a true solar system of sound. My hope is that by meticulously capturing the soul of the synthesizer through this totally analog signal path, I can provide you with a special, lush, saturated sound right out of the box that you would not be able to get through a conventional Minimoog emulator plugin.

In addition to the trio of analog effects signals, I sampled four unique acoustic spaces for convolution reverb, including a cavernous swimming and diving complex, by blasting incredible levels of sound pressure into the space to excite it. The resulting impulse responses were captured by a Coles 4038 ribbon microphone and they sound just as grand and mysterious as the outer planets of our solar system.

Let the Evergreen Voyager be your gateway of discovery into the lush world of analog synthesizers and tape machines. Welcome to an entire solar system of sound.


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  • Would be perfect with some noise reduction!

    This is one of the biggest instruments I've seen in Pianobook, with an uncompressed filesize of 6GB. Inside you will find 10 patches named after planets and moons. Every patch has something unique to offer with many options included to tweak them so you can find unique combinations. Since they are too many, I will just try to indicate some issues that I found.

    - Enceladus is a single pluck that doens't work properly if you don't turn off the glide time. It is also very noisy.
    - Europa has the most white noise. Uranus comes next, and Neptune has a little, but the rest are good.
    - The Pedal Mix knob set at more than 50% can fix the white noise a little bit.
    - Sometimes the Glide doesn't work, but it will if you re-select the mono setting.

    Overall it's a great instrument with a lot of features and different sound signatures, but it could literally be perfect with minor tweaks!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Awesome Moogy goodness!

    This library has so much character and analog vibe. The inclusion of processed samples through pedals is awesome. It's just a great toolbox of the Moog sound. It would be wonderful if someone were to noise reduce these samples as it would make the library a lot more playable. Even so, the sounds are really well recorded and edited within Kontakt. This is a hefty download in size, but absolutely worth it. It's obvious that tons of time and care went into the creation of this instrument, and the results are stunning. This is one of the best synth libraries on PB. Grab it now!

    Sam Ecoff02 November 2021
  • It's a moog Jim, but not as we know it...

    I'm usually unsure about sampling synths, it seems to miss the point as you end up with simply a snapshot of one possible sound. However, an enormous amount of work has clearly gone into this - and it's huge! - and it has a great GUI and as a result we 10 sounds that are classic "analog moog" , if that's even a thing. More importantly there are a huge amount of variations possible thank to the pedals, which vary settings on each sound, as well as envelope, gliss and reverb. I'm not sure whether this pack has been tweaked since the earlier comments but I had no problem with noise at all.

    Mark Lord06 December 2021
  • Awesome GUI

    The GUI on this one is stunning, it looks really nice and professional, the colors are good and the it seems like alot went into the controls and the overall aesthetic. The download size is also huge for pianobook which i love because this means more samples, mics, effects, detail etc. Unfortunately as I've said before I'm just not really into the more growly angular, computerized side of synthesis so these sounds dont inspire me at all. This isn't a knock on the instrument though because objectively its a great instrument with a-lot of work put into it. Im sure people that are into these kinds of sounds will have a blast with it.

    septemberwalk28 October 2021