Evergreen Rockit

DIY Drum Distortion from the Heart of Grunge

The story

Inspired by the wealth of alternative rock history at Evergreen, I sampled a humble drum kit and a set of congas to tape using a pair of Coles 4038 stereo overheads, as well as an SM57 on the bass drum and the snare. There are 4 velocity layers and two unique distortion signal paths. The lush spaces from Evergreen Voyager are included as well as a getting started guide with ideas for composing with this lo-fi mangled sample library. I hope it is as fun to play as it was to create.


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  • really cool unique sounds

    Besides making a really cool GUI, there's a collection of really cool distorted drum sounds. And honestly I didn't think excessive digital distortion could sound really nice until now. I particularly like the digitally distorted crash sounds and cool clapping? type sounds, the sounds are just good I like this pack.

    ryan weeks06 January 2022
  • Grungy Drums at their best!

    You know that Kady's work is always meticulous, vibey, and highly musical. All of it has a unique voice, and none of it is subtle, but the edgy, raw sounds Kady develops always find their way into many hearts, and I suspect even more projects. These drums are simple and well recorded through an amazing analog recording chain. The real magic comes when you start adding one of the two flavors of distortion and one of the convolution reverbs. The GUI is beautiful and inspired. While these sounds might not be everyone's cup of tea, they are, without a doubt, an inspired collection of sounds, and very useful. If I was going to get super nitpicky, I might wish that the highest velocity of the open hi-hats would continue to ring out rather than being cut off by lower velocity hits, but honestly, it's a pretty minor detail which gets masked by the reverb and distortion to a large extent. Great work, Kady!

    Sam Ecoff21 December 2021
  • Supergrunge!

    Another awesome addition to the Evergreen series. This time it's a grungy drum kit, with one of the best GUI designs I've seen, with 3D knobs and buttons! Kady never fails to impress me with her designs. The options offered are awesome too, giving you the ability to greatly alter the sound with different kinds of distortion and reverb.

    The drum kit itself sounds very good, with good and familiar mapping, and responsive hits. The open hi-hat won't ring if you hit it repeatedly like the crash and the ride, and the lower velocity sounds like a very quiet ride to me. The kick also seems a little off in the stereo field, with the right channel having a weird cut, much shorter than the left. Applying some small distortion seems to fix that issue.

    I also find that there is some light white noise after each hit. It's not too noticeable, but after you apply distortion, the noise gets pumped up. If you play a slower beat, you might get some "gaps" in-between hits, so you'll need to keep that in mind.

    It's a good kit overall and I personally can find lots of workarounds to adjust it to my own needs, but the noise distortion might be a little hard to deal with for some users who just want to find the perfectly balanced kit right from the start.

    Alex Raptakis21 December 2021
  • Bags of character and attitude

    What a great retro drum sound - I was channeling early Police as I was bashing away at the keyboard. Particularly love the snare and toms. Yes there's a little hiss present but its TAPE! Stick some 70's gate on if it offends you :D Obviously not for everyone, but well worth checking out unless you're only into sterile sounding drums. Oh, and the best GUI yet on PianoBook!

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • Amazing Design but not for me personally

    I was so blown away by this GUI. Everything from the knobs to the different spaces to the actual design of paint peeling off on the knobs was so well done. As for the drums themselves i really liked some of the sounds but didn't personally like the whole kit overall as something i would use all together. I really loved the hi hat, some of the toms and those two little clap sounds up at the top of the range. The kick and snare dont really suit my taste though. I could definitely see it working well for the grungey context it was intended for but i cant see myself using these particular sounds much. I acctually sometimes like these kind of out there kick and snares but i just couldn't see myself using these. Also both the distortion and reverb seemed to add this weird resonance or tone that i wasn't a fan of.
    A lot of these critiques just come down to my personal taste. This is still a pretty cool library with an amazing GUI

    septemberwalk21 December 2021
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