Evergreen Performance

Grand Piano Meets Rainforest Recital Hall. Sampled to Tape

The story

With the help of Finn Foley, I sampled a Baldwin grand piano on the stage of Evergreen’s recital hall. We sampled the instrument to tape in stereo with a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones through Rupert Neve’s Shelford preamps. Evergreen Performance is powerfully saturated, thanks to the Otari 8-track tape machine it was recorded with, and the highest velocities feature a small amount of analog tape distortion. Every single sample has been meticulously crafted and noise reduced. In addition to the default players-perspective patch, this library comes with a stereo-swapped audience-perspective patch, as well as a very special patch called “For Airports” that turns every single sample including every velocity layer into a tape loop. Simply hold a chord or a set of notes indefinitely and hear a completely unique composition. My hope is that this piano will inspire you to create minimalist performances of your own! Your music is a gift.

Christian Chats with Sage and Kady


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  • great for trap/hip hop and edm

    I always look for organic sounding pianos and this one is perfect for quick melodic loops, find a chord progression you like, add a lil reverb on top, ringmod/tremolo and tape really make this pack shine for trap instrumentals.

    The tone of piano lends really well for layering with different synths, especially with super saws whether in leads or chord sounds!

    Sadie19 February 2022
  • An exceptional piano, for real

    You might think that we have enough Pianos, but this is a prime example of how a Piano can be so unique, so personal and so well-made. It is an exceptional instrument that offers some amazing sound signatures, programmed by our one and only Kady. It has a very romantic character, but not by being overly warm. It has some very colourful resonances, nice dynamics and along with the four included impulse responses, you can create an incredible atmosphere fairly quickly. And all that comes in one of the best GUI designs I've seen for a Piano, even compared to premium options.

    It also comes with 3 different patches for you to explore.
    - The Performance is the main one, and it has a regular left to right panning based on the range (low to high). In some notes though, the resonance is so heavy that it bleeds heavily to the opposite channel, (for example A#6). Not a big deal though.

    - The "In The Audience" patch is basically the same, but with reversed panning. Although after (over)thinking about it a little, I figured that in concerts, the piano is tilted anyway, and even if it wasn't, the audience i so far away so you can't really tell the difference.

    - Finally, the "For Airports" patch is simply an astonishing idea that you can really play around for hours and hours. You can even strike down and hold all notes from a scale and let it inspire you, or simply entertain you. Absolutely incredible.

    I can't recommend this enough. This is just one of the best pianos in Pianobook, and the 1GB file is very well worth your disk's space.

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • The perfect balance of brightness and warmth

    Exquisitely recorded grand piano with a beautiful GUI. The tone not to bright, and not too warm- a perfect blend between the two. The distortion, hiss, and artefacts on the tape add to the humanistic character of these samples, transporting the composer back to a by-gone era of 60s-70s Piano nostalgia. Congrats!

    Angus Roberts-Carey25 January 2022
  • Now that's what I call a Pianobook Gem!

    Outstanding. The "For Airports Patch" is instant Eno, just add random synth noises and foley FX for a deep chill out. Well done. Well recorded with a great character to it.

    Mike Allen01 February 2022
  • A wonderful piano gift to inspire

    They say the measure of a good instrument is it's ability to inspire the player to create music. This generous gift from Finn Foley certainly does that, and much more. It's delicate nuances evoke a magical charm, which even with my untrained ham-fisted paws, elicits blissful nostalgic tones to inspire, with hints of Vangelis, Enya, Tears for Fears, Elton John etc etc Thank you Finn.

    robinibbo06 February 2022
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