Evergreen Matrix

Grunge Dystopia

The story

In my final weeks recording in the electronic music studios at Evergreen, I turned my attention to a forgotten rack-mounted analog synthesizer from 1988, the Oberheim Matrix-1000. The tones I discovered were warm and dark, evoking images of a rusty, rain soaked future of decay. Sampled through 3 analog effects pedals, and combined with four beautiful spaces, Evergreen Matrix is an ancient warning of a future that never was.


Reviews for Evergreen Matrix

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  • Not Just Another Synth Set

    What a unique and usable set of synth sounds here. Each one is very different from the next and with the added FX choice and ambiences, a lot can be achieved with these sound. Our contributor obviously has a great ear and offers sounds that are very easy to add to a mix in any style. I love the ambiences she chose, especially "stairwell" and "pool". Good choice of pedal FX too. The interface is simple but effective. Great work!

    ddailey06 June 2022
  • Cool synth sounds!

    These sounds are watery/dark and good unique synth sounds. I particuarly like the synth goddess which makes a big pad-like bed. And two thousand three which is a sort of bloopy almost kind of like electric key sound. Some of the envelopes leave in a bit of noise on the entry of the sample which is really cool and makes the sample feel very alive. Perhaps too much sometimes but that's what hi-pass's are for.

    ryan weeks09 June 2022