Deep Field

Low evolving soundscapes creator, made with naturally occurring low-frequencies sounds that are emitted by various everyday things such as the human heart, aircraft engines, and lots more!

The story

I once visited a power station and was shown the massive generators plus the substation and the most memorable part for me was the low-frequency humming of the substation and the hairs on the back of my neck tingling due to the super high amperage and magnetic field!
As I contemplated this somewhat little big moment of my life, the thoughts in my none functional brain once again started to think about Decent Sampler and the what-if question????
At this point, I am thinking of naturally occurring low-frequencies that are emitted by various things around us in everyday life, like transformers, washing machines, aircraft, power supplies, nature, the list goes on you know what I mean, so the plan was afoot and I started the sampling revolution and came up with some very interesting sounds from everyday traffic sounds, the human heartbeat, a purring cat, I also visited a small airport and recorded a small Cessna aircraft engine.
Here’s a short list of some of the things sampled:
Music box, DRS-Receiver, power-supply unit, cymbals, Squeaky wheel, garden, wind chimes, windows being rubbed, garden gate, water, drain, rain, wind, birds, microwave, bike, truck, electric fan, commercial jet, industrial works.
Once I gathered the samples one by one the transformation began with Slice EQ, Vital Synth, Surg XT, Phraseplant, and then pitch changing, then some time stretch and also placing some through the Cube and changing the variables.
To add something completely different to the mix I composed various music tracks using the samples and then edited those tracks into samples and put them through more pitch shift and EQ.
When these samples were added to my Decent Sampler Deep Field creation the magic began!

You will find 7 presets included in this VST, offering you a vast amount of sound combinations.

I hope that you have hours of fun creating your own unique sounds with this sound creator.


Reviews for Deep Field

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  • Great!!!!

    Excellent work! The atmospheres are superb.
    I tested it using the Blackhole (Enventide) and it's very impressive.
    I should wait before leaving a review here because I haven't really created with this product yet, but just the first chord makes me want to do it immediately.
    I feel like I'm going to have fun ;-)

    MarvinGun03 June 2022
  • Wow!

    This is so good! On its own, already so many possibilities, as Marvin says, with Blackhole indeed very nice too! Fantastic job, the low end tones are excellent and don't seem to ever go too far in the "speaker booming" zone like so many soundscape libraries unfortunately do.

    Cedric A04 June 2022
  • Yowza!

    Amazing, the ever-evolving pad! Perfect for ambient music or soundtrack work. Excellent work!

    ding77719 June 2022
  • Yeah, it's deep!

    I definitely didn't expect to come across such a bundle. The 6 included layers of sounds give you the... space (ha ha) of combining them however you want and creating incredible ambiences with a touch of a key. You can control both panning and volume too, along with a global attack and release and a nice reverb that makes the entire instrument even deeper!

    If you are too lazy to try coming up with your own combinations, or if you get simply overwhelmed by the amount of sliders and knobs, don't panic! You will find 6+1 different presets inside that sound awesome by default!

    Alex Raptakis26 June 2022