Dead Line Samples

Halloween themed samples!...

The story

In October 2018 “Inside Number 9” presented a live Halloween special including live performance of the music cues within the show. These are sample instruments made for the episode, used alongside the Triple Felt Piano. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of this TV event:


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  • Nice selection from warm and light to a dark and spooky sound

    I did not know what to expect from the title, but this is another nice collection of nice cinematic sound! Buzzer has such a dark and haunting sound, which has a nice swelling, I will be definitely using this for my composition!

    Asuka Amane22 October 2021
  • The 'Shudders' gave me the shudders...

    The Shudders gave me the shudders, as did the circular patches! The strings are definitely the standout patches here and feature some really inspired, original techniques that can spice up your music. The Mini Harp has a lovely sound to it, and the buzzer patch is great for those in need of atmospheric risers. All in all you're going to find plenty of playable textural tools here, that can cover everything from haunting & unnerving to delicate & pretty.

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • Haunting and Dark

    Wonderful little pack of dark atmospheric sounds and riffs. The quality of these samples are excellent and leave room for any type of desired additional manipulation. I look forward to using this in projects that require drama and darkness. Thanks Christian!

    BagasaoMusic12 October 2021
  • Really unique sounds that could prove useful

    Loads on offer here. A fantastic palette for sparking inspiration. Mini Harp in particular is a goody.

    Boag110 October 2021