Cymbal Atmos

A vintage cymbal bowed with a double bass bow.......

The story

This is one of my favourite and simplest sample instruments to date. I created it by sampling a vintage 1980s Tosco crash cymbal being bowed with a double bass bow.

The recording was captured using a close mic, dynamic Shure SM57, and a matched pair of stereo room mics, condenser RØDE M5, before being processed and pitch shifted.

The sounds can be quite ethereal with the reverb cranked and can get a bit out of control when the Saturation and Compression are engaged/turned-up. These latter effects are not included in the DS version but could be added using plugins in your DAW. The LPF & HPF can help you shape the tone and the different zones of the keyboard have varying timbres/speeds…. violet: C-1 to A#2, blue: B2 to A#4, turquoise: B4 to C8.

Welcome to a land of instant atmosphere!


– Release control, default is 4.0k ms at 81/100. Included in the DS version, as well.
– Low Pass Filter- LPF, cut-off control, mapped to CC21. Included in the DS version, as well.
– High Pass Filter- HPF, cut-off control.
– Tape Saturation and Compression controls with on/off buttons, both mapped to CC1.

WARNING!: Clipping/clicking may occur when using full Compression levels in the “violet” zone of the keyboard.

– Plate Reverb and Room Reverb controls. There is a single Reverb control in the DS version.
– Volume mapped to CC11.

Notes for the Kontakt version: The mapped midi CC assignments can be removed, if needed. The CC11 modulator can be removed by pressing on the wrench icon to go under the hood, going to the “Mod” tab, selecting the modulator that reads “midi CC, 11”, then right clicking on the selected modulator to open the “Delete” dialogue box, before clicking “Delete”. While under the hood, the other CC assignments can be removed by right clicking the corresponding effect parameters and selecting “Remove MIDI Automation”: LdfL2 “Cutoff”, Tape “Gain” & “Warmth”, and SuperGT “Compress”. If the sample start times are too fast or slow for your liking, they can also be edited under the hood by using the “Wave Editor”.

Demo Note: The demo track “Wood, Metal, and Mane” that I have composed/produced and submitted for this sample instrument showcases some of what Cymbal Atmos can do. It also demonstrates some of the capabilities of the other four instruments that I have recently submitted to Pianobook. The instruments used for the demo are: Cymbal Atmos, Harmonic Flights, Marimba Ripples, Sustain Pedal Perc, and Tos-keys.


Reviews for Cymbal Atmos

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  • Another Winner From Sage

    This is pretty inspiring, and covers a very wide range over the keyboard. Down the bottom end it is quite menacing and would definitely add tension to a score. The mid range is very playable, almost organ like with metallic overtones. At the top of the keyboard it is quite brittle and reminiscent of of something from the Radiophonic Workshop.

    lfo2vco15 December 2021
  • Oh my, oh my...

    Atmospheric turned up to 11. From the beautiful harmonics in the upper register that almost sound like bowed glasses with added quantum distortion on them, to the mysterious but musical mid range, to the low end which sounds like the background noise the universe would make it only you could hear it. Then there's the mod wheel... utter filth... in a good way. Then there's filers and release control just for good measure. Honestly... Epic.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • Deep atmospheric sound

    This is a very well made instrument that features a bowed crash cymbal that creates an amazing atmosphere right from the get go. The sampling is extraordinaire and everything is programmed very well. The character of the instrument changes through the different ranges, which in Kontakt you can see as different colours. My personal favourite is the lower one, and combined with the fantastic and well thought settings provided, it is simply an super easy recommendation for everyone.

    It should also be noted that it comes with partial DecentSampler support. It misses some of the GUI features, but it is worth it nonetheless. Sadly, although it appears as a screenshot on the bottom of the description, it is not indicated in the thumbnail or in the download buttons, which means it will be harder for a DS user to discover it. (December '21)

    Alex Raptakis15 December 2021
  • How did you get a Cymbal to sound like that?

    This is a really lush pad sound. It's nice that it doesn't immediately sound like a Cymbal but if you listen close enough you hear the shimmer. Really inspiring to play and usable in a song.

    Clay and Kelsy10 April 2022
  • Unique and unsettling pad

    I'm definitely not a pad aficionado but for me this library has a really unique sound. It generates some great, thick-sounding bassy drones with eerie, unsettling upper harmonics drifting around on top. The sound quality is superb. I imagine it could be great for some suspense or sci-fi atmospheres.

    Eamon15 December 2021
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