What do you get when you cross a cheap pedal, a weird synth, and mutated orchestral recordings? I don't really have a clever punchline, but you do get this new instrument...

The story

In my never ending quest to find affordable gear that’s as interesting as it is powerful, I stumbled across the mighty Zoom MS70CDR effects pedal. In order to explore its potential, I paired it with my Arturia Microfreak and some of my favorite custom patches and was quickly surprised at how powerful the sounds were.

Over the course of a few days of designing patches and sonic experimentation, I decided to record the sessions and sample out my favorite sounds to create a massive polyphonic trailer/cinematic/ambient drone machine to take the Microfreak to new heights and get some of my favorite patches saved in my personal collection for my own work.

But, something was missing…

After even more sonic experimenting (and a few drinks) I set off mutating some orchestral instrument recordings with granular mangling and other secret sauce to create a new ‘hybrid’ library of synthetic and organic textures that goes into a totally different sonic direction.

Built on two separate layers (synthetic and organic, respectively), Chimera is a collection of my personal tastes and sonic aesthetics bundled up for everyone to enjoy.

The Making Of Chimera


Reviews for Chimera

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  • Character
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  • The perfect pad sounds

    I think venus theory perfected the pad sound everyone wants in their music, it has a lot of character while not getting in the way of other things, very soft, but it doesn't get boring. The UI is great, nice playability and response to dynamics. While not being a super ultra complex sound at first glance, it's the paddest pads ever, if this makes any sense. Thank you for this!

    AlonsoUrmeneta11 April 2022
  • I LIKE

    VT is quality all the way. THNKS

    lereim29 April 2022
  • Just awesome....!!!

    Thank you Venus Theory for making this awesome instrument, the sounds are really awesome. Much love from India. <3

    Kick Thakur13 April 2022
  • Will go into my Go-To folder!

    Sounds awesome and I love the UI. I use a lot of sound like these and this fresh batch will get me started writing some fresh tunes.

    ddailey11 April 2022
  • Beautiful and versatile pad!

    This is a fantastic pad instrument that combines 2 different layers of sounds into a beautiful ambient tool. The sampling is very good and it plays well, though I'd love to have another octave accessible at the higher register. The 5 included presets will get you going, though there are some nice options that you can mess to customize your sound.

    Alex Raptakis12 April 2022
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