Cheltenham Chapel U3

Yamaha U3 Upright sampled at Cheltenham College Chapel with a pair of Coles.

The story

Cheltenham Chapel U3 – James Kedwards

Cheltenham College Chapel upright, a warm and intimate sounding piano I sampled (very noisily) aged about 13 with a pair of Coles while on a course there.
It was probably my first venture into sampling (my teacher showed me the basics as I was fascinated by it already) and was quickly and badly done, but I think it has character so kept it and decided to share it on here.

I forgot I ever did this, but recently going back through archive drives I found a cubase project with these in. Cleaned them up a little but the noise can be a little overwhelming still.

It sounds a little out of tune and the samples aren’t very long, but it’s a surprisingly good sounding sample project given my total inexperience at the time!
No idea where the Coles came from either, but I remember finding them and the original Apollo I used as the interface.

I put this through a milder version of the velocity sample // distance DSP server that I created for Live Sound, you’ll hear a better application of it in ‘Surround Steinway’.
The noise is frustrating but I do like the character of the piano and the tone – It sounds oddly like the hiss of a U47!
It’s surprising how little of the chapel you can hear with the reverb off, I think I had the lid and fallboard closed.

Let me know what you think of it or if there are any other NR options without a room sample (I’ve already done RX basic denoise when I recorded it so don’t want to wreck the samples).

Apologies for the lack of labelling on the samples. My DSP server had a moment, but they’re still assigned as they should be in Kontakt, I didn’t want to mess anything up renaming post processed samples now.


James Kedwards – @_jkedwards_


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  • Clean, natural, and very quiet

    This is a very clean sounding piano, amazing spacial character, but it is super quiet, so you need to bring the entire volume up. There is a very minor issue with the highest E key on low to mid velocities, there is a very noticeable delay there that you will need to get used to, and that's something that can be fixed in programming anyway. The wallpaper is beautiful, but I am not a fan of the font. There is also no sound customization, but it really sounds good right from the get-go!

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021
  • The fact that a 13yr old sampled this, gives me so much hope for humanity...

    First of all, James completely sells himself short in the Description above. This is a stunning piano, beautifully recorded and extremely well programmed. Yes the recording is very quiet, but once you up the gain, there's a beautiful piano sound waiting for you. Nice work!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Amazing for such a young kid

    This is a pretty awesome. Its really dynamic and playable. It is pretty noisy though so thats definitely a downside. It also is pretty wet and distant but i think thats the point of this library to kind of sound like its in church. Some of the sample start times seem to be a bit inconsistent too which makes it alot less playable. This is still a really beautiful instrument that fits the character of what its meant to do. Its not supposed ti sound like a dry piano in a recording studio. I cant wait to see what this samplist does in the future since theyre so young.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Beautiful natural cathedral sound

    Lovely natural reverb where this instrument was sampled. Possibly slightly lacking in intimacy in its personality due to this but can't fault this too much. Very pretty indeed.

    Boag112 October 2021
  • Great piano, nice natural reverb

    As a first attempt at sampling, this is really pretty good. The biggest thing you'll notice is that everything is really really softly. This, in turn, hurts the signal to noise ratio, and so there's a lot of noise by the tim you boost everything up to a playable level. Even so, this is a remarkable sampling job for someone so young.

    Sam Ecoff15 November 2021