Casio SK1

Lofi keyboard sounds from Casio's toy sampler!

The story

Casio SK1

This Sample Keyboard is somehow slowly becoming a sought after vintage instrument although it’s more a toy. A fun one none the less! It does sampling and has a range of the well known Casio sounds. I bought this fine instrument from a garage sale and probably did not pay more than one Euro for it, though I got to use it on some recordings during the years and it even went on tour with my band!

This sample pack gives you all the presets including a sample of my voice singing ‘aaah’ and the 6 drum sounds it uses in the rhythm section.

The keyboard spans two and a halve octaves and I’ve stretched them out with 2 more. Drum sounds start at note no 24.

It was recorded direct into my RME ff800 interface.

I created it first in EXS format, made all the loops there and loaded it into decent Sampler. There I added an attack and release control and some effects. I also added a dynamics knob to give it some velocity sensitivity. All this gives this toy a bit better playability.

In EXS: use the modulation control to switch between all the presets.
In DS: use the menu to switch between the presets.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the vintage low samplerate goodness of this collectable!



Reviews for Casio SK1

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  • An awesome oldie bundle!

    This is a great patch that consists of many synth classics, bundled in an extremely small size. Everything plays very nicely, spread to a little less than 5 octave range. It features 10 different insturments in a single patch, with my only note being for the "sample" one, which has a very subby attack which will definitely need some EQing by the user. Other than that, it's very good!

    Alex Raptakis08 May 2022
  • nice and free i like it!

    nice and free but also with some good amount of knobs to tweak and multiple sounds too! thanks

    hein ji09 May 2022