Bowed Cuatro

Textures created from a bowed Cuatro....

The story

Hi! This is one of the very first instruments I made. I was working on a feature film and I was desperate for something raw and indie but not electronic to use as drones and tension textures. I decided to bow my trusty Cuatro (kinda like a baritone Ukelele) and process it through my Mutable Instruments rings and clouds (with pitch shifting delays).

I made about 13 patches raging from soft bowed strings and tense tremolandos to pads and arpeggiated patterns. All are single samples, no round robins or velocity layers, nothing fancy, just long tension stuff.

Notes between the (parenthesis) correspond to the original pitch of the sample. Feel free to create new instruments from these samples, I would love to checkout what you make with it!

CC1 is mapped to the filter’s cut off frequency and CC11 is mapped to Kontakt instrument Vol.


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  • Creepy bowed sounds

    This sample pack includes 11 presets with bowed sounds. They're all pretty aggressive like they've been really heavily compressed and limited. The GUI is really deep and you'll find just about every editing feature you could wish for. Not all of the sounds are recorded equally well. Some of the samples sound as though the mic position wasn't quite right, and some samples are really noisy. There's some interesting stuff here, and it's a great first attempt at creating a sample pack.

    Sam Ecoff23 October 2021