Bowed Acoustic

Evolving bowed acoustic guitar

The story

I’ve wanted to create a bowed guitar instrument ever since I started creating my small sample experiments. With 100 samples and 3 round robins, this is easily my most adventurous sample instrument to date. The problem with sampling a bowed guitar is that you can’t bow each string individually, as guitars have a flat bridge, unlike orchestral string instruments. To get around this issue I only had one string on the guitar at a time. This instrument is essentially an evolving pad that is full of small imperfections, but it’s these imperfections that I love about making my own instruments. There are two versions, a dry one and a one with a large reverb. The dry samples are particularly scratchy, so the reverb helps to soften the harshness of it. There are 5 knobs, attack, release, reverb, low pass, and high pass. I have included a Logic sampler version and both Kontakt 5 and 6 versions of this instrument. The reason for both 5 and 6 is simply because I prefer the reverb available in Kontakt 6, but otherwise they are the exact same. I’m very new to scripting in Kontakt, so if anyone discovers any issues please get in touch instagram is probably best.


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  • I've been looking for this library without even realising

    This sounds sooooo good I can't believe it's even free, thanks so much for this beautiful instrument.

    AlonsoUrmeneta02 June 2022
  • Unique, Inspirational, Original

    This is a great sounding instrument, interesting, gritty and organic. Great quality samples recorded over a good range. I’ll definitely find a use for this one... thanks Liam.

    lfo2vco15 December 2021
  • Instant Inspiration Kickstarter

    This is one of the first libraries I've been compelled to write a review about right from the start. This library could've easily belonged into Spitfires Contemporary Drama Toolkit patchbag.

    The organic nature of the patches is fantastic, and a great starting point for a larger arrangement down the line. But it stands on its own as a soloist instrument.

    I'm particularly fond of the Bigsplosh patches, for the fact that they drop into an arrangement from the get-go.

    Kudos for a really well made instrument!

    LAD_Gustav23 February 2022
  • Great Sound

    OMG amazing sounds very clean,and cpu friendly,a must have.

    miguelo15 February 2022
  • I like this, but fair warning, I'm weird

    I'm giving this high reviews because I find this inspiring in lots of ways. I hear it, and it makes me want to write a piece featuring it. Then I want to steal the samples and throw them into UVI Falcon and shred them, granulator-iz-imate them, and just try to morph the pee-jeezers out of them. The controls in the GUI are just right for this sample instrument, as in, just exactly what you'd need IMO

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