Bob’s Prophet

A sampled Prophet 12 Module...

The story

This is the sound of my Prophet 12 Module,
and this is my first ever attempt at a Kontakt instrument.

The project started roughly a week ago when Angus Roberts-Carey
posted the first official Pianobook Template.

With virtually no knowledge of Kontakt building,
I began using a combination of Angus’s template,
copy/paste and YouTube to see what I could come up with.
I didn’t want to get too deep for my first ever submission
but with a little assistance from Angus, I was able to cobble this together.

2 Instruments, Each with 3 patches that can
be played individually or in any combination using volume controls.
Each instrument includes replika tape delay with rate control knob
and a plate reverb.

The instrument was built in Kontakt 6 and
I have also provided raw samples for anyone
that wants to convertimprove this thing.



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