A piano that's coming back to life with singing birds, running stream followed by dreamy arps/ pads and spring choir

The story

Blossom is a piano with 2 dreamy arpeggios, 3 pads, choir and 2 fxs (birds/stream) all in one library

A piano that’s coming back to life with every note played on the piano you will feel like the sun is hitting your face gently,
the cool warm breath under the shades of trees, hearing the running stream and singing birds followed by pads, spring choir and the dreamy arps

Blossom welcoming you to the spirit of spring where everything is coming back to life.

Piano sampled from my sister’s old yamaha psr-a3 and every other sound designed using those samples

Birds/stream samples recorded using my zoom h1n

Hope you enjoy it and would like to know your feedback on it

and please feel free to tag or send me if you used it to make music i would like to hear your work

Thank you so much

George Yazbek - Blossom (sample library demo)


Reviews for Blossom

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  • really nice sound for anyone into lofi its a must have

    has a vibe to it like playing it with a looper on

    grvmusic4u14 May 2022
  • Multiple layers with ethereal textures

    This instrument features a combination of many different layers of sounds, which results to a very magical, ethereal sound signature. It is very well sampled and every layer is fully controllable.

    The main layer seems to be a piano sound, which is placed in the center of the GUI. On its left you will find 6 additional layers, 2 Arps, 3 Pads and 1 Choir. Each one is different, though I have to note that both of the Arps arpeggiate with a minor 3rd in all keys, which might sound a little off when you incorporate a different kind of chord.

    Additionally, you have 2 texture layers, a water stream and bird sounds, which I think they are lovely. You will also find both global and individual attack and release settings which will help you evolve the sound however you want. There is also an included delay and reverb.

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022