Bedroom Drum Kit

A Yamaha Oak drum kit....

The story

I sampled a Yamaha oak custom kit with paiste 2002 cymbals as well as a cajon and percussion to create a characterful drum kit sound. The instrument is laid out in the typical fashion for drums but also has above C3 variations and outtakes from sampling, these used lightly within a full drum pattern help the instrument to sound more realistic. It’s quite a raw sounding drum kit so it would be great if someone wants to process and resample it.


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  • Punchier Than My Bedroom

    This is a very cool kit. Nice and simple, The Shells have a good sound to them and overall the instrument plays nicely. I personally like the variety of sounds and articulations and think the character they add is very cool. I can see this being good for sample layers in my productions.

    Kiko13 October 2021
  • Vesatile and Clean

    This Drumkit is a nice, clean, and fairly standard drum kit. Regardless, it still does a lot right! The main body of the drums is very good, the hi-hats and crashes sound a wee bit weak, but that can be forgiven. The reverb is way too hostile on the DecentSampler version, but I don't know if that can nessecarily be changed. What makes this Drumkit as versatile as it is is the outtakes that were included. They add a lot of character, even to simple patterns, and allow for a lighter and much less energy filled drum sound without changing velocity too much. Here's a little diddy I cooked up to show the drums in action, in case you wanted to hear what a beginner could do with sounds like these.

    Normal Mothman13 October 2021