Bedroom Drum Kit

A Yamaha Oak drum kit....

The story

I sampled a Yamaha oak custom kit with paiste 2002 cymbals as well as a cajon and percussion to create a characterful drum kit sound. The instrument is laid out in the typical fashion for drums but also has above C3 variations and outtakes from sampling, these used lightly within a full drum pattern help the instrument to sound more realistic. It’s quite a raw sounding drum kit so it would be great if someone wants to process and resample it.

Reviews for Bedroom Drum Kit

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  • Good sound, but the timing is off

    I thought the same as one of the other reviewers. I really like the sound of these drums, but the timing on the hi hats and cymbals is just "off" by a few milliseconds, so there's a delay from when you hit the sample to when you actually hear it.

    Dimaension X22 October 2021
  • Punchier Than My Bedroom

    This is a very cool kit. Nice and simple, The Shells have a good sound to them and overall the instrument plays nicely. I personally like the variety of sounds and articulations and think the character they add is very cool. I can see this being good for sample layers in my productions.

    Kiko13 October 2021
  • Good with playability issues

    It is a good sounding drum kit, I imagine many possibilities in which it can be used. There are some playability issues, since some samples are not starting when triggering the note. Also, there are some uneven velocity values between the samples.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG25 October 2021
  • Had to resample

    The samples were great sounding, however the timing was just too loose for my taste (Decent Sampler version). So I loaded all the samples into my DAW, realigned them, normalized them for volume and resaved them. I also edited the code for the attack, tone, and reverb knobs to make them more useable. Now it is just what I need. Not sure everyone will want to take the time to do all that.

    Sid31 December 2021
  • Very Indie Rock

    Theres a few inconsistencies with volume/velocity. But it's a nice sounding kit and great for indie rock sounds. The cymbals are the weak point in this library but otherwise its great!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
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