Asteria โ€“ Space Bells

Samples from a Tongue Drum warped and manifested into a sound from the stars...

The story

This is a patch made from recordings of a Tongue Drum I bought for a more ambitious outcome, but the majority of what I had recorded was unusable because of tuning and inconsistency. However, there’s nothing that warping can’t fix. This patch comes with magical bell-like hits and a pad made from hitting the centre of the drum, making a resonant, atonal sound.


Reviews for Asteria โ€“ Space Bells

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  • Simple and magical!

    You might think that a few megabytes are not enough for a good library, but this one is an unexpected WOW. It is about a very simple patch of two sounds, a bell-like e-piano (Keys) and a swarmish-shimmery version of it (Pad). They have this percussive element that makes it stand out from others, and the awesome thing is that you can blend those two sounds in any way you want.

    Although it is very quiet, the sampling is excellent. Just pump up the volume a little bit and you'll be fine! The swarms on the pad are timed based on the stretching of the note - the higher the note, the faster they are. Maybe it would be more preferable to be somehow randomized or more consistent. But you can even completely separate them so you can mix them in completely different ways anyway. Altogether they generate a very magical soundscape that you will definitely love.

    Alex Raptakis29 December 2021
  • Crystal clean and dramatic

    The low to middle range are the very sweet spot of this instrument for me, especially with the pad dialled all the way up. A lovely tone for punctuating musical compositions.

    Brendan BeeBee19 January 2022
  • Lovely in the low registers

    I'm a sucker for a twinkly library (especially around Christmas time, rather predictably) and this one really hits the spot.

    Not perfect chimes like a glock, so they have a nice character to them especially lower down. The pad version can hit quite harshly but that gives it a great "edge" - slicing through the mix like a knife.

    QorbeQ24 May 2022