Amplified Music Box

A music box amplified through a fender pickup and amp, ran through some pedals.

The story

I had a couple of cheap music boxes lying around which I had bought a while back. They both play Harry Potter, one in the box, one which has been ripped out of the box. I found a point in the melody that played one note and recorded that a few times. I started by sitting the music box (the one with no box) on the body of my acoustic guitar, since my pickup has an internal mic too, that worked fairly well, but after a while the battery in my pickup died. I didn’t have a spare so I decided to turn to my electric. I recorded the music box by sitting it on the strings above the bridge pickup. Unfortunately the signal wasn’t loud enough to distort the music box as much as I wanted but the experiment still gave some results I am happy with, especially with some reverb and delay.

I might return and try this again in the future, perhaps in a space where I can get some more volume (not my living room..)

Played through my Fender thinline tele, bridge pickup, through some guitar pedals (cant remember the exact ones), into my Fender hot rod deluxe amp, and recorded with an SM57.

Reviews for Amplified Music Box

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  • Like a Dirty Celeste

    This is a go to instrument for me, Great for adding notes to the higher register as it seems to sit in a track without sticking out.
    (Quite a lot of noise but its good noise)

    Jim Sanger30 November 2021
  • Awesome Amped Metallic Textures

    This is one of my favorite bell type instruments on pianobook. The effects and reverbs give the metallic bell such a cool sound. It can be used for more ambient stuff but also to play melodies and arps and stuff. It can also be used for adding one melodic hit at the beginning of a phrase drenched in reverb which sounds really cool as it decays. I do wish there was a dry patch though or a patch where the attack of the note was more defined or the pre dealy on the reverb was longer. I think the second edition of this instrument has more options and an overall better sound

    septemberwalk25 October 2021
  • Lovely ambient music box

    This is such an interesting music box, because it lacks the sharp, pinging attack one normally associates with music boxes, and presents a gentle wash of music-box like sound. The result is really lovely and a worthy submission to the PB community. Thanks!

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Better check the updated AMB2 version!

    Although this instrument package features a cute and almost over-processed musicbox, the AMB2 features a more polished and much higher quality sound, with more options to choose from. This is alright, but it is much more muddy and noisy to my ears.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021