Amplified Bottle

A bottle recorded through guitar pedals and a Fender amp...

The story

I created these amplified bottle Kontakt instruments, during 2020. I used a cheap contact microphone which was put through some guitar pedals and my Fender amp. I have only used these instruments a couple of times for some small sound effects, so I would love to hear how others make use of them!


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  • Nice sounds, but is this enough?

    When opening the folder you will meet 5 different patches, and everyone of them is much different. I won't bother describing what they sound, but I will say that there is a complete lack of control, so you are left with the defaults. I only need to mention that the "lead" patch is limited to only low-notes range. Try it yourself, you might enjoy it!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021