Amplified Bottle

A bottle recorded through guitar pedals and a Fender amp

The story

I created these amplified bottle Kontakt instruments, during 2020. I used a cheap contact microphone which was put through some guitar pedals and my Fender amp. I have only used these instruments a couple of times for some small sound effects, so I would love to hear how others make use of them!

Reviews for Amplified Bottle

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  • It's fun to see what you can make!

    It's both fun and exciting to see what someone has made from a simple water bottle. The sounds are diverse yet all have a certain metallic quality to them. I like the Amped bottle Bass. It has a sound similar to 8dio's Laundronium that I find musical and useful. All of the sounds are a little grainy, but not really noisy. This is a worthy download!

    Sam Ecoff01 November 2021
  • Cool Granular Pad

    I like the Pad sound the most. It has a really cool granular, evolving sound that i can see my self using. The Splash patch is also really cool with the subtle water sounds going on in the Background. Finally the Downer patch is kind of mysterious and spooky and would be nice for a track going for that vibe. It would be nice to have some control over parameters but for what it is this is really cool.

    septemberwalk25 October 2021
  • Nice sounds, but is this enough?

    When opening the folder you will meet 5 different patches, and everyone of them is much different. You can hear how they sound like in the Da Fingaz demo, it can be kind of intimidating! The patch is very barebones, so you are left with just the defaults and your imagination. I only need to mention that the "lead" patch is limited to only a low register. Try it yourself, you might enjoy it!

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021