A collection of instruments and textures created from an amplified music box....

The story

Last year I had the idea to amplify my cheap music box I had bought while I was looking for interesting things to sample. I already loved the LABS music boxes, so I didn’t see any reason to try and capture a “normal” sounding music box. One day I had the bright idea to amplify it, so in what I can only imagine is the least conventional way possible, I played the music box through my fender amp. I used my guitar pick-ups to send the signal though my pedals and into the amp, which as you might imagine resulted in quite a lot of unwanted noise. Still, the results were interesting and I found myself enjoying the sample instruments I made.

Recently I get myself a cheap stick on pick up and tried this little experiment again. This time using my Zoom H1n audio recorder instead of the SM57 I used last time, with the hope of minimising any noise by effectively eliminating the entire signal chain, seemed to work!

I don’t have a lot of guitar pedals, and the majority of them are drive pedals, so I also plugged the music box straight into logic and used Guitar FX, some reverbs, delays, etc.

AMB instruments – Recorded straight into Logic
AMB2 – Recorded through my pedalboard and amp.


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  • A music box and so much more!!

    Love this sample pack! On the surface, this is a lovely sounding music box, but sampling it through all of those different effects boosts it to a new level! These sounds are super inspiring, and each offers a wealth of possibilities. This sample pack deserves more attention!

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021