Aftershave Tin

Percussive metal can originally used to package aftershave

The story

Around Christmas last year my wife bought me some aftershave as a gift, as its the one I used to wear when we first met. I discovered that the decorative tin can that it came packaged I made a nice percussive sound, and as always with something like that I kept flicking it every time I saw it. After a while I sampled it ad turned it into this instrument. I primarily use it for ear candy in tracks, though I have created a demo to show off the instrument a little more.

There are two instruments, one more melodic one hitting the sides of the can. This one contains 5 round robins and 3 velocity layers. The second instrument is more percussive hitting the end of the can ad contains 5 round robins and 2 velocity layers.

I have included a selection of controls:

High pass
Low pass
Delay (level, time, feedback)

I was pleasantly surprised by how many different sounds I was able to create with this, and hopefully fellow Pianobook users can enjoy this simple instrument as much as me!

Also, if you do use this instrument (as with all my sample instruments) I would love to hear what you create!

For the first 100 or so people who downloaded it before I noticed, I’ve added an updated version to fix a problem with the delay!


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  • Stellar

    Download just now. Mind blown. Sounds so Spacey - sci-fi type of etheral music. Gonna have great use of it in tons of stuff. The controls are perfect. Not too confusing gui. Great work

    JashandeepReehal24 May 2022
  • Does what it's supposed to do and does it well!

    This sample pack is really cool! A very nice and interesting sound percussive sound. It gives off the sound of a tinny, built from scratch glockenspiel!

    JakeW23 May 2022
  • Just wow

    This is such a nice sound. I love it a lot, especially the idea of turning something so simple into something so good. Will be using this in a new project of mine.

    Of course the hope like in most instruments is that there would be more tools to play around and some experimental sounds, like unique patches made out of it. Ui is also a bit hard to read with the similar colors on the text and the background.

    Heikki Ketola24 May 2022
  • Xylophone + Marimba

    Pretty well on this percussive sound sample , it's really give you the tone of xylophone mix with marimba which pretty unique.
    Well done!

    Jayson Ng23 May 2022
  • Two mallets with awesome top layers!

    It's amazing how you can get such a sound from every-day items.. In this case, we have a nicely sampled mallet-like sound, similar to a hung-drum. The instrument plays very well, and the included round robins combined with the top-velocity layer make it very dynamic and non-robotic. The included reverb and delay do a very nice job complimenting the sound, and along with the rest of the settings found in the GUI, it is versatile enough to not put any limits to someone's creativity.

    Whle the sampling quality is good enough, though if you play in a fast pace you might end up building some white noise - especially if you leave the default release setting as it is. I'd recommend to reduce it to the point you can still get resolance, but cut any unwanted noise that comes right after it. For me, it works at around 1-2 o'clock, just a 3-4 ticks after the middle.

    As a final note, while I like the minimalistic nature of the GUI, I believe a more darkened wallpaper would make everything more readable.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022
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