An alternative acoustic drum instrument referencing the 808...

The story

I used to make drumheads, a few years ago I made an April fools video saying I’d created an ‘808 drumhead’ which was a fake, of course – but the cogs started turning and I wondered if I could actually make an acoustic recreation of an 808 – obviously this doesn’t sound exactly like an 808 what would be the point and where’s the fun in that! – But – I’ve analysed the timbre of the sound choices in the drum machine and tried to recreate them using mic placement, dampening, stick choice, drum choice and even placing drums within drums. I’ve released the final instrument as a commercial library called the ac08, but I had a kits worth of alternative samples left over from the experiments so I’ve packaged them in to this version. C1- 22” Ludwig Vistalite kick drum with alternate processing. D1 – Dead Snare – This is 6” drum inside a 10” snare – the 6” head is fully detuned. E1 – Open Snare – A 14×5 – 1940S Ajax snare. F-B1- 4 Pearl Maxwin Toms – 16”, 14, 12” & 10” – I recorded these in the first sample session, but decided to change them to Ludwig Vistalite toms for the final instrument. F#1 – Hihats – Dave Collingwood custom 6” Stainless Steel hats played with a chopstick – these lost out to a pair of 12” cymbals in the final instrument. Thanks very much for checking it out :


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  • A clever take on a classic!

    This library is a really interesting idea, using the classic 808 as inspiration for an acoustic drum library. The results are as you'd expect. But just how versatile this kit will prove to be I don't know. But it's some great drums sounds nonetheless that have been recorded and programmed well. Great job!

    R.Treves16 October 2021
  • Beautifully classic sound...

    This drum kit has a really nice "classic" sound that reminds me of my grandfather's old kit. There is a little noise in the samples, but they are otherwise pretty clean. I like it a lot! Great work!

    Christopher20 October 2021
  • 808, but its acoustic !

    This can work really well in a more grungy thematic, where I have used it in context with some other slightly distorted sounds to create an interesting sense of momentum. The library has an interesting dynamic, as it combines the idea of drum machines like the 808 with acoustic sounds, the closest thing to it I could think of would be the Linn drum machines.

    Nolram17 October 2021
  • Cute, and fun sounding

    This sample pack is a fun take on electronic percussion, yet very organic. It's well recorded and edited. It's not the sort of thing I'd use all of the time, but some might feel differently. Clearly, a ton of time went into making the GUI.

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021
  • Creative

    This is a pretty neat little library. as you mentioned the drums are electronic but kind of acoustic at the same time in the way they sound. I think its a pretty cool concept offering a demo on piano book to a paid library as well. I really like the sound of the kick, its really punchy and alot of the percussion is interesting too. Very rarely do i go for a drum machine vibe but if i didn't have the roland drum machine plugins i might check this out. The GUI is really well made and easy to use as well. Some of the snares and percussion sound a little bright for my taste but good job overall

    septemberwalk01 November 2021
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