A pitch perfect wine glass from the Sidney Opera House...

The story

My good friend Eva travelled – pre-corona – the world as a guide. One time she got us wineglasses from the Sidney Opera House. Glasses with lines that tell you what pitch you’ll get if you fill them to that point. Hours of fun 🙂

For this project I recorded one glass with several microphones.
A pair of DPA 4011 in x/y stereo, a Townsend L22 in stereo and a Stam U47 for the mono feed.
The recordings lasted roughly a minute per note and I recorded every note twice.
The L22 and U47 are forward sounding, the DPA’s are reversed.
Recorded range is shown in green.

Click the Unicorn for Delay and Reverb controls and a custom Convolution Reverb.
Modwheel controls the overall volume.

A quick walkthrough/demo:

This virtual instrument was specifically made for the Swedish TV-show “Festen”.


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  • Ambient, soft, tender textured library

    Concept is very interesting! I really love the sound of this warm, tender texture of piano and the glass. I would like to use this for my healing music.

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • Dreamy Perfection

    This is possibly one of the best ambient Pianobook instruments I've used. You can feel the glass, but in such ambience that is quite unique. The sound is overall amazing, there is no noise or cracks, and the range feels complete. There are mic positions and effects, such as Delay, Reverb, Grit, Filter, that work very nicely with the instrument, and provide extra customization for the artist. I do believe that you shouldn't be able to click the Unicorn icon for the extra settings. I'm sure you can have both information and all the settings displayed nicely with no extra clicks. Except for the GUI which I believe can be improved a lot though bare in mind I am coming from a graphics design background, this instrument is simply perfect and it's unbelievable it is out there for free.

    Alex Raptakis12 October 2021