Acoustic Harmonics

12th fret artificial harmonics played on both acoustic guitar and guitalele with a healthy splash of reverb....

The story

Unfortunately I have a life long medical condition, haemophilia, which causes problems with joints. Everyone is different, but for me it impacts my elbows. As a result playing guitar can be very difficult, or even impossible at times. Recently I found myself unable to play but in need of some ambient guitar parts. I decided to record some 12th fret artificial harmonics as you can play them 1 handed.

I still don’t have the part I originally wanted to record, but I do have a new instrument, so can’t complain. The following day I repeated the process with my most recent musical purchase, a Yamaha guitalele. Which has a different tone as it is tuned higher, and has nylon guitar strings. To finish everything off I cut a lot of high end from the samples to remove a horrible hiss, and added some reverb (maybe too much..).

I would recommend tweaking the modulation controls (decay, sustain, release, etc.) within Kontakt to get a sound that works for you.


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