Abecedarian Sitar

A "beginners" sitar full of family charm

The story

An old “beginners” sitar, passed along from a family who bought it for their son, and were upgrading. It’s in need of some TLC, but it’s captured in this library rough and ready, full of family charm.

The Kontakt version has a looping drone on the lower keys, and some automatic strumming, at various tempi, on the higher keys. Open and fretted strings can be played in between.


Reviews for Abecedarian Sitar

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  • Premium quality for free!

    This instrument has pretty much the aspects of a premium equivalent, and it is guaranteed addition to my collection with no further thoughts. There are a few things that someone might notice, but they are not necessarily bad.

    There is a very slight release sample that has some white noise. You will be able to hear it if play a note long enough that it is almost dead. It's also very apparent in higher velocities, which is a shame becaues I LOVE th samples there, since they add so much character to the instrument. There is a "Noises" knob, though it changes the volume of a different set of noises. There is also the "purple zone" which I think it's the open strings. In there, the C, C# and D are an octave higher than the rest of that octave. Lower than the purple register, you will enter the drone zone, which is haunting and beautiful at the same time. There's a knob to adjust the volume, in case you want to automate it independently, or you just want to play both zones at the same time.

    There are two other zones higher. The first is small custom loop zone that you can also change keys played by a knob. You might also locate the last zone at the highest part of the keyboard which might be hidden under your kontakt octave settings, and this has some VERY LOW volume percussive sounds of the instrument. There's a Reverb knob and a "Voice" knob which is bound to the mod-wheel and I really can't tell what it's doing. There's also a "tone" knob that will let you to slightly alter the sound of the entire instrument.

    With all that said, I can't give it less than 5 stars. It clearly deserves all of them.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • "Beginner" sitar - professionally played

    I love how this is a "beginners" sitar and it sounds like the best sitar I've ever heard, probably because I can't play one. Beautiful picture, it could have been nice to have a little more control, but for a straightforward sitar just a reverb knob is perfect. To me, someone uneducated about sitars, it sounds extremely authentic and I think the performance was exactly how I would like to have it played. I don't have a huge amount of projects that would NEED a sitar, but after finding this, I am trying to sneak it into more. It has a very soothing and beautiful sound!

    Ada Maskil06 November 2021
  • Very Dynamic and Interesting

    This instrument is awesome, while it wouldn't fit into most of my music it has great detail. The drones are really awesome for lower notes and the recorded trills and such are really cool also. This instrument has a great dynamic range and i also noticed in the louder dynamic layers the sound has more pitch vibrato which is awesome. The GUI is great both in the way it looks and functionality. I like to put the noise all the way up for more character and realism

    septemberwalk24 October 2021
  • Look no further for a sitar!

    This is an absolute unique stunner of a sample library that is on par with many of the premium virtual instruments on the market. As a pianobook user, I am grateful for such a well-recorded instrument contribution to the community. Brendan, thank you for your contribution! Just throw a bit of reverb on it and play away! Lots of inspiration here!

    Andrew Ernst20 October 2021
  • Nice sampled sitar

    I liked the sound of this sitar, it has a lot of character. The Decent Sampler GUI needs some work, but the Kontakt GUI is very pleasant to see and to work with.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG25 October 2021
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