Music by 300 Strangers

Welcome to the official Music By 300 Strangers page!

To celebrate Piano Day 2020, we called upon the Pianobook Community to create the world’s biggest piece of systems music.  Inspired by the music of Steve Reich and taking a lead from Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs we sent out a pulse with a simple chord progression and simple instructions:

Have fun!

And have fun they did!  We received over 380 videos, and then set about the task of downloading, organizing, editing, and producing this monumental event.

On this page you’ll be able to follow the story from the start, watch some of our favorite submissions, and stay updated on all future developments!

So here’s the vlog that started it all:

And we got a little help along the way:

But how was it organized?

Answering some questions:

The first peek:

To the shed!

So is it ready?

The big premier!

And of course, the aftershow!


Now as you could imagine, creating this extraordinary piece was no easy task! The following videos take you behind the scenes for both the video editing and mixing processes.

For the video nerds:

For the audio nerds:

Going the Extra Mile

Each of the following submissions went above and beyond to help us create something truly special. Whether it was uniquely creative audio or stellar videography, these people truly deserve their gifts!

For the Students

In addition to gifting some Spitfire products to the strangers above, we promised to award six copies of Albion One to an education facility that truly rose to the occasion. To that end we would like to congratulate the UoB Vocal Explorations Ensemble for their phenomenal entry!

Be sure to check back here for more videos, updates, and information. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to both channels!

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