Windy Welsh Tenor

Windy Welsh Tenor


Windy Welsh Tenor came about as a response to the Winter Voices campaign.

Aware that I can’t sing, I began to think about the process of making music that people go through after they’ve tried singing. In many instances once a child has taught themselves to sing, they to graduate to a Recorder in school. With that thought in mind, I dug out an old childhood Tenor Recorder and took it with me on a hike around the Carneddau in Snowdonia, North Wales.

On the side of a ridge, I recorded a selection of notes on the Tenor Recorder with a Rode iXY. The location conditions affected most of the recordings but I got a few workable takes. Back home, the clean recordings were processed with reverbs, layered with ‘dry’ recordings in Kontakt and tuned back to roughly A (440).

Two simple controls. Depth (Modwheel) is a Single Pole Low Pass Ladder filter on each of the 2 Round Robin groups. This is also assigned to Mono Aftertouch for two handed expressive playing. Space (CC21) affects the size and length of Delay.

The resulting instrument is an evolving ethereal pad with vocal-like qualities.
(Built in Kontakt 6.4.2 – sorry Kontakt 5 users!)


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A Tenor Recorder played on the side of a ridge in Snowdonia, North Wales.

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