Whale Piano

Whale Piano


The Whale Piano’s origin is a simple upright piano that belongs to my family, which I have sampled a while back. It wasn’t a very great sounding sample instrument so I later decided as an experiment to resample it trough a broken spring reverb, guitar pedals and trough my Vox guitar amplifier in stereo.

It sounds as the name implies; big, underwater and slow. It is dark and distant and is most suitable for ambient and moody material, for virtuoso playing no so much. I have added a low and high pass filter to cut out some of the mud if desired and also added a simple attack knob to turn it in to a pad.


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5.0 rating
December 24, 2020

I spent the entire day browsing through all the pianobook’s catalogue, selecting and downloading my favourite libraries. This one was the last that I tried. It was love as soon as I touched the keyboard, even after playing for hours and being basically burnt out. Such a rich and deep tone, versatility and overall extremely cool sound. I highly recommend to download Whale Piano to everyone. Thank you for gifting us with such a beautiful instrument:)



Family upright piano sampled through various effects for a dark, underwater, ambient sound.

5.0 rating
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